March 1, 2010

God morning.

In my pre-intensive preparation for a retreat, I was exploring material that would both challenge and inspire the recipient. Since my last communication-- Believing is Seeing--I have been stretching and questioning my own beliefs. What happens to the Eros and passion in relationship? Why does a strong connection in the beginning cool down and die? Is it fear of intimacy, fear of the oneness, or is it something new that needs to be explored? What suppose it is the way we look at relationship? What suppose the demands and requirements we hold for a loving, enduring relationship are based in a fairy tale?

I found this powerful thought:
"The desire to force love to live only in its most positive form is what causes love ultimately to fall over dead." - Estes

I ask each of you to look at how you hold your relationships. Are you willing to go beyond the love that is rhapsodized in songs and explore where you indeed have been unwilling to use the conflictual, the disharmonious, and what you judge as a negative as opportunities for a deepening of your journey into love. I am offering you another Point of View.

Anyone who would like to dialogue with me regarding the above, please call or write.

Love, Barbara