April 1, 2010

God morning.

My intention, as I send out these monthly thought transmissions, is to deepen our questioning and perception of what love is. I have enjoyed the responses that I have received. To choose to be a "Conscious Lover" is very different than creating a relationship and being at the effect of an immature and fairytale version of romantic love.

Most of us have "our song" and it gives literary importance as to what we believe love should be. I'll name a few of mine over the years: Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, You Make Me Feel Brand New, Love Changes Everything, and now as a fairly mature woman: Dance Me to the End of Love.

Take a moment...what do your songs tell you about your expectations about love? And about you?

What if you were willing to change your "Point of View" and chose to enter into a relationship believing that a relationship is a classroom, a mutually agreed upon opportunity to challenge "old beliefs and behavior" and to grow. Could your new Point of View become:
As we heal ourselves in this conscious choice to love, we heal each other. What if we began our connection with an "Us" rather than a "Me", or an "I" or a "you"?
What if rather than blaming, rejecting or withdrawing, and all other manners of separating from each other, we hold the conflict as an opportunity for mutual growth? Pema Chodron wrote: "When there is a disappointment (in a relationship) I don't know if it is the end of the story, or rather the beginning of a new adventure." Are you willing to let go of the hand of fear, and to change your habitual reaction to being disappointed or criticized? Are you willing to begin the adventure of conscious loving? The choice to love takes a moment to moment awareness. It demands the greatest discipline. It is my spiritual practice. If you are willing to choose love... fasten your seat belts - it is a thrilling ride.

I offer you this with all the love in the universe.