May 1, 2010

God morning.

When I was a child, my father used to wake me in the mornings, singing this song:

"Good morning, wake up you sleepy head Get up, get out of bed, Wake up, wake up you sleepy head, and Live, Love, Laugh and be happy."

Not bad advice to hear from your father each morning.
But if you will indulge me, allow yourself to imagine me, or your Holy Father, singing this song to you and offering you this invitation to wake up and be happy each morning.

BECAUSE he does, you are just not listening.
It is time to wake is time to remember who you is time to embrace all of yourself and to invite yourself into the center of your own heart.

This is the message of Divine Spirit.
This is the message of Allah
This is the message of Buddha
This is the message of Jesus.
"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you"

Are you willing to do this?
Are you willing to fall in love with yourself?
Are you willing to fall in love with yourself?
Are you willing to give yourself the respect and care that you "DEMAND" others give to you?

It is time. There are no new messages. There is nothing more for you to learn or to understand. Wake up you sleepy head . This is the only moment there is. There is nothing more to do... wake up to the wonder of who you are: spirit disguised as a very human being.

What an adventure, what a new discipline: Loving Yourself as a Spiritual Practice.

Are you willing to join me?

With great respect and appreciation,

Happy Mothers' Day
Practice becoming your own merciful and compassionate mother.