June 1, 2010

Dearest Beloved,

I call you Beloved. That is the path I am walking: the path to the Beloved.
In order to meet God, or the Beloved, I must first meet myself. What does that mean? The answer is simple; the action is not. To fall in love with oneself, I must be willing to love myself, and to accept ALL that I am, and what I never understood before, is that in accepting this ALLNESS...I am the essence of Love.

Are you willing to know this? Are you willing to let go of the shoulds and should nots of history? Are you willing to let go of the voices of your parents, and the injunctions of society? Are you willing to take responsibility for your choices?

Let us do this exercise:
Breathe.... And let my words reach your consciousness:
Nothing is wrong, nothing is ever wrong. I am exactly where I need to be. In this moment, I am exactly who I need to be. Nothing to do, no way to be, no self-imposed should, no demands on self, no requirements to be other than I am.......just breathing into this moment.

Saying YES! to everything, I relax into this moment. Breathing... I accept everything the way it is. This acceptance is the first step on the path to the Beloved.

The next step on this journey is to accept that no one out there can ever give you what you need. You are your own Beloved. Most people enter into a relationship with the demand that others fill them. This is the death knoll to a relationship. I must come to the Beloved knowing that I am Be - loved.

Do you remember mathematics? In Algebra a plus and a minus equals a minus.It is the same in life. First one must be willing to embrace oneself, and to remember who you are. Only in this self loving will you be able to meet and embrace the "OTHER" in love. To create a consciously loving relationship, we need two pluses. You plus Me equals US.

Thank you for being willing to participate in this process.


Every desire, be it of flesh or of thought, is life's fire - longing to know and receive the Beloved. - Oceanna

Are you willing to follow your longing?