July 1, 2010

Dear one,

In my head, I always hold this thought:
"All expectations, requirements, and demands lead to major disappointments."

I have experienced the disappointment of not being able to let go of my demands and of not being able to love unconditionally. Why, after all the processing and therapy and meditating that I have done, do I still think that someone should accede to my requirements? Why am I still addicted to the thought that "Other" will give himself up to "feed" me?

It is not the other who has to change; it is my beliefs that have to change. People are true to their natures, as I am true to mine. In my heart, I know that no one outside of me can fulfill me, and yet when fear comes into my experience that is indeed my demand. Are you willing to explore this? I am asking you to have an intimate conversation with yourself. As you answer these questions please listen for a voice you have not allowed in before. Allow yourself to breathe, and began to listen for your truth.

What is it about yourself that you do not accept?

What is it about yourself that insists on being "saved" and from what?

What do you demand that the "other" reflect back to you?

Where have you refused to open your heart to yourself?

Where do you demand that someone outside of yourself will give you what you refuse to give yourself?

Are you willing to be visible and fully present?

Are you willing to be the cause of your effect?

Some thoughts from the poem "Self-Portrait" by David Whyte:
...I want to know if you are prepared to live in the world with its harsh need to change you?
...I want to know if you can look back with firm eyes, saying this is where I stand?
...I want to know if you are willing to live, day by day with the consequence of love...?

Are you willing to take the first step on this new exploration?
I welcome any dialogue.


Yes to the call that is activated within us. Yes to all who will answer and stretch, and reach for the greater vision. The time is Now. - Oceanna