September 1, 2010

Dear One,

As often as I have tried, I have never been able to throw out tapes of my sessions with Emmanuel, or notebooks, or journals. Often, when I am really consciously in the "clean out mood", I begin and then find something that is so beautiful or meaningful that I forget my task. Today I found this piece. It was written in long hand, no quotation marks and stuffed between the pages of one of my notebooks.

If I wrote this, I am enormously pleased. If someone else wrote this, thank you. It has touched me deeply. As Emmanuel says "There are no new messages". I want to share this with you hoping that you will receive it.

Today I wish you a day of ordinary miracles.

I wish you a day of little happenings that touch you, that you can rejoice in. I wish you a day of happiness that is filled with acceptance and beingness.

Let these little bite size pieces of being present in the moment give you the feeling that God, the Divine, Spirit is smiling on you, and holding you gently and carefully. You are perfect just the way you are, and you have finally come to know this.

I wish you a day of joy, and unbounded delight.


... this place, where dreams and visions, hopes and inspirations Are breathed into being...

This is the place of the ever-present power of Love Within every Heart.

- Oceanna