October 1, 2010

Dear One,

I have been thinking about what is becoming clear for me these first days of Fall. I reread Ram Das' book Be Here Now, and he said that our moments of despair are created by our expectations and our longing that things be different that how they are. How many times have we heard this? The Guide says that underneath our fear is our greatest longing. (lecture 29) and this appears to be a paradox. Can both be true?

Then I found this beautiful teaching by Emmanuel:

"Know the rightness of all things just as they are. To look to change, to save, to alter, or to defend speaks not to the higher truth. No matter what the mind may say, say only this in your heart:

I know that God is with me now....and he is with everyone else as well. Nothing is wrong. Nothing is wrong. Nothing is ever wrong."

This is the practice of surrender.. to surrender our will to the knowing that we are eternally safe.

"....This is the practice of surrender...the most difficult of any that can be walked. The world seldom, if ever, resembles the truth of what really is going on, and the Angel remembered and remembering is faced with an enormous challenge: To reside in the heart's knowing even though the human being is in despair, grief , disappointment, pain and fear."
- Emmanuel

I am hear to remind you that you are safe, and I am here to remember that I am safe. That is the remembering and the remembered angel.


"To remember the 'other world' in this world is to live in your true inheritance."
- David Whyte