November 1, 2010

Dear One,

I was wondering what to write about this month. The answer came when I opened a letter from my Uncle.

He will be ninety years old on the 15th of November. He is thirteen years older than I am, and he lived with my parents before I was born. He was my "older brother", and I love him.

Recently, after his wife died, we started writing. He lives in Mobile, Alabama.

This is part of a letter he wrote to me:

Dearest Bobby,

I can not see. My vision is blurry.
I can not think. My thoughts are unfocused.
I can not write. My hand and fingers go numb.
I can not sleep. My mind is awake and wanting to share my thoughts with you.
What I want to tell you is that I love you and I want to speak to you about God.
This is what I know:
God is about remembering and we are the ones that forget.
God is loving, and the source of everything.
God is eternal and so is our love.
God is love...and when I think of love dear Bobby, I think of you. When I think about God, I say: "Here I am. I am glad we have shared this time together."
Uncle Leo

To all I love, to all who read this "love letter" I am grateful for our journey together. I am grateful for everything we have shared. I am grateful for this life, and I am grateful that when my vision gets blurry, when my thoughts are unfocused, when my body is stiff and numb, I have you to share my love with. There is always a choice. Thank you, Uncle Leo, for reminding me of this choice.

With gratitude and with wishes for a conscious Thanksgiving,


"The very act of incarnation is the statement of a soul's yearning to become one again with the light." Emmanuel