December 1, 2010

Dear One,

It is the end of the year. For me it is always a time of joy and profound gratitude. Ordinary miracles have occurred. Deep connections have been made, and the veil of forgetting is becoming more permeable. Chanukah and Christmas is a time of sharing love and of gift giving. I would like to remind you that one cannot receive without giving, and that, in reality, one cannot give without receiving. This is the lesson I have learned this year.

The gift I would like to give you this year, is this thought from Emmanuel:

"....I wish to give you my deepest love,
the safety of truth,
the wisdom of the universe,...."

My personalized gift to each of you is to remind you that the God, or the Christ, or the love that you seek outside of you is the very essence of who you are.

Please take this time to stop everything, especially your chattering mind, and say to yourself: "I am the gift. I am what love has created."

You are on the threshold, you are at a gateway. You are standing at the midpoint between Heaven and Earth. Are you willing to give yourself the gift of self love?

Let us all turn to the light and to the remembering this Holiday.
A very happy and joyful New Year Year,