January 1, 2011

Dear One,

Welcome to a glorious day, and a new year.

Welcome to 1/ 1/ 11.

You and I have spent enough time examining our lower selves, our masks and our resistance. Now is the time to open to and to celebrate our divine natures. Emmanuel has said we are all angels with one wing, and that we have chosen this life to seek and to find the other wing. This active exploration supports us in loving ourselves, loving each other and in knowing God.

Now is the time. This is the year to let go of any beliefs that disempower you.
Now is the time to release every thought except the belief that we are delicious, delightful and divinely inspired human beings.
Now is the time to walk through the gateway into our own self loving.

Now is the time to know that all that you do is sacred.
Now, why not consider a lasting truce with yourself and God?
Now is the time to understand that all of your ideas of right and wrong were a child's training wheels to be laid aside when you finally live with security and love.
My dear, please tell me why do you still throw rocks at your heart and God?
Now is the time for the world to know that every thought and action is sacred.
This is the time for you to compute the impossibility that there is anything but grace.
Now is the time for you to know that everything you do is sacred.
--- Hafiz
Now is the time to fall in love with yourself.

Happy New Year.