March 1, 2011

Dear One,

For the first time since i am living in Wildwood, the ground has been covered with snow. It is March, and so cold. Beautiful YES! but so cold.

I found myself beginning to complain. "I have had enough of winter". Even my bulbs which have opened thought it was Spring and now they are freezing.

Then I thought of how fortunate I am.....a warm house, a blazing fire in the fireplace,and my husband preparing breakfast. Suddenly my heart felt as if it was being warmed by my gratitude.

The freezing temperature of this snowy wintry day was showing me another way to see, and to realize that I have a choice in every moment to choose gratitude.

I am asking you to consciously choose another way of seeing. To be aware of the situation in the moment, to stand back and ask, what is the truth here? I am asking you to have the courage to ask: "What IS the truth here?"

We have to consciously remember to move out of the NO-current, out of the emotional reaction and out of the place of habit, and choose to respond to what is real in this moment.

I can choose to have as my conscious intent the willingness to express one deeply held thought that can change my experience from "Suffering" (the demand and expectation that events or people need to be different) to the joy of being present with what IS.

I would like to offer you this practice:
Allow your disappointment
Allow yourself to name the blame, the anger or the doubt.
Do not get lost in them, but take the time to name what is bothering you,
embrace it
and then release it.

If you are willing to allow the release of the feelings, this is the moment that one is then open to gratitude.

With this new shift in awareness, choose to be present with your gratitude.

NOW I am offering you an opportunity to be present with your GIFTS, whether it be your sense of laughter, your generosity, your commitment, your wisdom, embrace them. Embrace your self loving and be kind to yourself.

It is your willingness to let go of your judgments of self and others that allows you to be free from suffering.

Let this be your mantra... say out loud ...
I chose gratitude for [name one quality of yours].
I choose love and therefore, I am free.

" The trumpet of a prophecy! O Wind,
If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?"
-Percy Bysshe Shelley

Let us melt our frozen hearts and welcome the warmth of Spring. Know without a doubt, it will come.