April 1, 2011

Dear One,

I can burst into song......"Spring is here, and birds are on the wing again". I feel an opening and spaciousness in my heart. Something deep inside me is melting, and something new is taking shape.

Weather throughout the world has been devastating. Examining my thoughts and feelings that have surfaced because of this worldwide destruction (Japan, and Libya) I deeply believe that this physical emergency can be applied to our own personal emotional tsunamis.

Out of the chaos there is opportunity for new creation. How are we to discover and enter new territories, new lands if we are still using old maps?

I received many invitations to pray for the "Water of Japan".
I was deeply touched by the request, and the words.
"We are sorry to have made you suffer.
Please forgive me.
We love you.
Thank you."

In this great moment of change, what suppose I chose one person that I knowingly made suffer. What suppose I chose to sit and from my heart owned how sad I was that I made that person suffer? What suppose I took the time to sit and say with great consciousness:

"I am sorry.................to have made you suffer.
Please forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you."

For some of us, it would be of great benefit to say this prayer to ourselves. Imagine embracing that part of yourself that you have denied.
I am sorry ( to the part of me that I have tried to altar and deny) to have made you suffer by not embracing you.
Please forgive me.
I love you, and I accept you.
Thank you for this opportunity

So what indeed is the "Love Commandment?"

It appears to me after much in gathering....that what has been taken to be the Gospel of Jesus....."Love each other as you would love yourself" does not work. How many of us truly love ourselves? How many of us accept everything about ourselves? How many of us accept the humanness of our being? In not accepting ourselves how can we possibly accept another?

My husband and I entered into one of our regular discussions and he pointed out that there was one moment that Jesus was quoted by John (in the Gospel Of John) as saying:

"Love each other as I have loved you."
This is a my map for falling in love with yourself, and for entering into the PROMISED LAND. Are you willing to let the debris of the old structures that no longer work be washed away? Are you willing to create from the love who you already are?

Are you willing to say this pray to yourself?
This is my map for falling in love with myself and for entering into the

Happy Holiday. May we all be united in Love. I am determined to learn and to live the art of conscious loving. Loving is my spiritual practice, and my inherent nature.

Please join me