May 27, 2011

Dear One,

I am writing this Love Letter a few days short of my seventy eighth birthday.
The thought that I am this age is in itself : unbelievable. I remember what I wore at my Sweet Sixteen party....

If time is only relative....what about reality? Whose reality? Yours or mine? Didn't Einstein say that reality is only an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

So what if there is no one reality? What if there is no one truth?
What if everything I believe in is only a lie that keeps me defending something that is not true? What if my belief is my addiction? Have you noticed that within the word belief is the word LIE?

Many years ago, Emmanuel asked me what I knew that was unchallengeable. In that moment, the only thing I knew that was unchallengeable was my love of chocolate ice cream with nuts.

If you asked me that question today, I would say everything can be challenged. In every moment I question, and in every moment I ask, what do I really know?

I would like to know/ believe that love is the answer to every problem. Is that true?
I would like to know/believe that faith can move mountains. Is that really true?
I would like to know /believe that life has a purpose, and it is not chaotic and random? Is that true?
I would like to know/believe without a doubt that if I am committed to loving and truth, my life will be an outer manifestation of this thought. Is that true?
So what do i know that is unchallengeable?

In the Bible there is a story that when Moses met G-D on the mountain, Moses asked G-D who He was.

G-D answered I Am that I Am
So what does it mean to be the I AM?

I would like to invite you into this exploration with me. Who are you?
How do you define yourself?

What if you allowed yourself to be anything and everything in the moment without judgment? What if you allowed yourself to experience in this moment that there is nowhere to go, and certainly no way to be? What would happen if you simply could say:
"I do not know and develop a tolerance for not knowing?"

Are you willing to acknowledge where you are? Are you willing to stop, to wait a beat, to breathe deeply and ask:
"Where do I need to have compassion for myself? "
Where do I simply ask:
"Who am I in this moment, without my mask, without my shoulds, and without my shame?"
Are you willing to be the "I AM" of all who you are? Are you willing to see yourself, especially the parts of you that you have disowned, with the eyes of love?

Please spend some time this Memorial Day Weekend remembering who you are.
Wishing you the light of self remembering,