September 1, 2011

Dear One,

When i woke this morning, I had the most beautiful experience. As I started to get out of bed. I sensed that I was entering into the most loving, expansive, embracing energy that I have ever experienced. I kept breathing into it. Each in- breath took me deeper into a joy that I had never known and into a feeling of incredulous peace. I cannot describe this felt sense with words. I was literally being held in the energy of God consciousness.

What a sensation. It was real. I kept breathing it in, and slowly this energy receded. In that moment, it felt that everything up to now in my life had been a dream, and that what was most important to me in this moment.... I was awakening from the dream of my wounding.....

There was such an energetic shift. It suddenly felt like what the Buddhists teach: "The glass is already broken" is the time to enter into this life fully.

As I gathered myself in, I realized that this wonderful summer is over, and it is September. I have so much to share. I received gift after gift from spirit. Life is wonderful...and what you create is dependent upon your point of view.

Before I began my day. I decided to read my mail. There was a letter from my uncle who is 90 years. I shared with you before, that he is in his forgetting, yet there are times that I believe he is channeling the highest guidance..

He lived with my parents, his sister was my mother.
Sometimes he does not remember that my parents are dead. Sometimes he rewrites an entire letter that I have written to him as if he had written it. Sometimes his present memory is totally gone.

He was 13 years old when I was born. He was the older brother that every girl should have. He taught me to dance, he wrote songs for me, he loved me, and he taught me how to love.

In this morning's letter, he asked me if I remembered that when I was younger he would teach me songs and we would sing together? In this letter, he wrote every verse from the 1921 song

"Don't We Have Fun? "

In this song, and in every verse is the teaching: No matter what....don't we have fun?

Night or is all playtime

Don't we have fun?
Hot or cold days, any old days
Don't we got fun
Times are bad, and still get badder
Don't we have fun?

We could write our own verses.....My mission dear Angels is to remind you that your life and your point of view is your choice.

My dear Uncle is reminding me that all there is "in this life" is the choice, no matter what, to enjoy life, and to let go of your belief in the struggle and your addiction to deprivation.

"If your heart does not sing, do not follow it."


Are you willing to enjoy this life? Are you willing to sing your song, to dance your dance, to follow your heart and to live your dream? It is your choice. You are the creator of you life, not the victim.
I am looking for Angels who Want to Have Fun, and are willing to live life as an adventure.
With joy and gratitude,