February 28, 2012


Dear One,  

Yesterday I received a healing from a Tibetan Monk. It was called a Purification Ritual:  Vajravidaran

In essence, this process  removes all  negativities and negative imprints formed in the mind, the body and spirit. He offers, through this process,  protection by transforming these  imperfections into "Inexhaustible bliss".  We chanted and then one at a time he blessed us with a peacock feather.
I loved the collective bliss that I felt in his presence and I went home very pleased, and very calm.

While I was cutting vegetables for dinner, one dropped on the floor. I was going to throw it into the garbage pail, when I remembered something form when I was a child.

I had a best friend, and we shared every thing. We were six years old.  Sometimes we would share our gum, or a piece of candy. Before we did this we would kiss the shared object to G-d.  It was an act of such innocence and faith. We offered the object to G-d to be cleansed, and to be purified.

It was exactly what I did in the Vajravidaran....I offered my imperfections to the Buddha to be purified. I was astonished that as a child I knew that whatever I offered directly to G-d would be received and made pure. I knew as a child that I did not have to go to a priest, a shaman, or a medicine doctor to be made pure, I just needed to offer up whatever I felt needed to be "kissed by G-d" and that my relationship was directly with G-d.  I imagine my incarnation in this life was to forget this, and then to remember. 

Perhaps this heart opening, mind blowing experience was the result of the process I had done with the monk but it is very clear: My relationship is directly with G-d.  Every cell in my body is vibrating with this awareness.....

Let me stop here, pause,  and be still for a moment.

 Is it possible that all I have to do is offer everything that I judge in myself up to G-d and ask him to "kiss this fault, this imperfection"?  Could there be a healing if I offered those parts of me that I judged to be fragmented and fractured  directly to be 'kissed by G-d."

I offer you this practice for coming home to your heart.

Make a list of what qualities you have denied in yourself...what qualities you have altered beyond recognition and write them each on a piece of paper.   Place them in a special box.
 (I would suggest that you design a box labeled "To be Kissed by G-d")  Place this on your altar.

Each morning and evening in your meditations offer to "Him"  what you want to be kissed, and to made whole and holy. 
When you are ready, send a letter to G-d describing your offerings, and ask "Him" to kiss them, bless them and transform them into the Truth of who you are.

 I offer all of me to be kissed by G-d.... and this for me, Barbara, is the beginning of  conscious surrender.

On Valentines Day write yourself a letter channeling your great knowing, your faith, and your infinite eternal consciousness.
You are already who you are trying so hard to be.
No one outside of you can recognize your divinity, or tell you who you are.
Listen to your own voice...be open to every practice.... and one day you will find a path that will wake you up to the teaching that:  ALL THERE IS   IS LOVE.
"The moment of saying YES!  while you are in the illusion brings one into the perfection"


Kiss everything to G-d. and have a blissful month, and a Love filled Valentines Day.