May 1, 2012


Dear One,  


This has been an evolutionary time for me. I was in an emotional holding pattern as my friend Pat (Emmanuel's channel) was going home. I actually felt her leaving. I was alternately sad, devastated, angry and joyous. Each emotion held a deep feeling, and an unanswered question. I knew there was an answer for me here, but I could not formulate the question.


On Friday, April 13, I went to Connecticut for the celebration of Pat's "going home". Indeed it was a homecoming. I could not begin to name all the old friends that came to honor Pat and her children. The evening was filled with loved one's sharing their experiences of Pat's outrageous sense of humor, exquisite generousity, and of her absolute belief and faith in Emmanuel's teachings.


My friend was gone. Pat and I shared an amazing relationship. She was my friend and partner. She was my most intimate companion for thirty one years. We never processed anything...we never had the need to. There was such an extraordinary acceptance of each other, and there was always laughter.


My friend taught me how to navigate the physical world. Emmanuel, my teacher, taught me how to navigate the world of "Eternal Consciousness": the world beyond fear.


Those of you who really knew Pat were aware that her license plate on her red Mustang read; "U Owe Me". We always joked about her sense of entitlement.


Last night I had a dream. Pat was in her car flying over some clouds in the sky.

The license plate was in big bold letters: "U owe me."

What if anything did I owe Pat? This question screamed through the sky and through my dream. What did I owe Pat? What was I being asked to remember? Then I knew.


  1. I owed her my gratitude, and my sincere thankfulness for the life we had created together because she had chosen me as a partner. We were the guests of the universe as we brought the teachings of Emmanuel to students of Spirit in Europe, Mexico and the United States.
  2. I owed her my gratitude because the teachings of Emmanuel helped to ground me in the teachings of the Guide. Without Emmanuel's teachings: "there is only love", I never could have deepened my immersion into the Guide's teachings.

I knew that there was more to this. When I woke up I heard these words from Andrew Cohen:

In the beginning it is up to the teacher to prove himself to the student absolutely. Once the teacher has done so, it is up to the student to prove herself to the Teacher absolutely."


In that moment I understood the deeper meaning of my relationship with Pat. I felt the wonder of it, and the gift of it.

In that moment there was such spaciousness, such light and gratitude. I felt Pat's enormous love and her words:


"What if a miracle is not just some concept, but something we've promised to live".


I then knew what I "owed" her, and that was my willingness to be in my life fully and to "dare to know greater than mind ever dreamed of to be what we can't understand."


I heard Emmanuel and Pat saying: "Let go, let go of the Past, let go of your infatuation with your suffering, let go and walk with us into the vastness of your life, and just accept everything as it is."


In great gratitude, I thank Pat and Emmanuel for walking with me in this lifetime.


As an act of service to them both, I invite you to walk with me, to abandon all ideas of what is....and enter into a glorious upheaval of all you have known.


Please take this moment to breathe in all the love and light that surrounds you,

And when you are ready...breathe out your gratitude.


Are you willing to accept that the drama in your life is a dream?

In the next breath, I invite you to come dance with me.

With great respect for the courage it takes to live a joyous life,

I welcome you to the next step,



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