July 1, 2012


Dear One,  



This month, as I sat  meditating, I would invite Emmanuel, Pat, and  the Guide.  I would ask these entities:   "What issue did I need to address in my monthly "love Letter"?" 

 I wanted to write about relationship. I also wanted to address how I was feeling surrendering to the "not knowing".....and yet each time I would ask, I heard:


Free Will, Attachment, and  Going Beyond Blame


  Hugh Prather in his book:  Notes To Myself  wrote: 


     "To want something from another is to utterly misunderstand their role in our happiness.


Yet, in almost every session that I gave this month, the session started out being about "The Other" and "if he were different, and if only"......  ( In all honesty this is a place I too can go unconscious.)


There is no doubt in my mind that I must accept full responsibility for my behavior if I want to create  an environment that supports and nourishes me. In a session, a student brought to my attention the lecture The Fall #21. 

The lecture demonstrates and focuses on the part that Lucifer played, not only in Jesus's life, but in the opportunity that he offers us all. I reread this lecture, and I was profoundly moved.


The Fall is the metaphor for our life on this plane of duality. G-d was unwilling to overrule free will.  We have a choice, and that is where I find myself, and many of my students today. How do we make the choice from where we are NOW?  The choice is ours. Now is the time that we need to act, to make a conscious choice, and not come from our defensive and habitual behavior that we created out of fear.


As Emmanuel would say: "There are no new questions, and there are no new answers.  Love and Fear cannot occupy the same space.Your pain is the denial of your truth. Choose the truth of who you are."  I ask you to explore  what part of you have you refused to love and embrace?



Please take some time and sit quietly with yourself. Allow your mind to focus on your breath. When you are ready, please take the time to explore the following questions.  I suggest that you write your answers.  (send me your answers if you would like to.)


1. Are you willing to  be a practitioner of Love?  (and what does love mean to you?)


2.  Who is  "The Lucifer" in your life?


3. Who have you given your power to, and then blame that person  for your unhappiness?


4. Are you willing to "accept full responsibility for everything  and Guilt for nothing" ?  This is an act of true humility. (This is what the Guide talks about in the Q and A in lecture 21.)


5. Are your words syntonic with your actions? 


6. Are your willing to be the voice of the ministry of Love?  (not the echo of the whispers of fear.)



This choice, this letting go of the belief that you are not "HOLY" will be the circumstance that brings you finally into the experience of what we have been calling " transformation."  You already are who you are trying so hard to transform.  Insisting on the darkness, does not enable us to walk into the the light.  Ignoring who you truly are will just compound your unhappiness.  You are an angel inhabiting a physical body.


A very dear student of mine brought her three year old to her session. At one point, when the child was getting restless, she said to the little girl:


                           "Are you going to listen to me or are you going to choose trouble?"


I think that is a wonderfully funny  and also a wise question.  (perhaps the theme of next month's letter)

I ask you with all the love in the universe:  Are you going to listen to me....or are you going to choose trouble?


 I offer this quote form the Course in Miracles:

"I must have decided wrongly, because I am not at peace.  I made this decision myself.  I can decide otherwise and choose again."

Are you willing to choose again?


 Take this time to review your lives, and see how courageous you have been.  Write a letter of gratitude to yourself, starting with the most difficult circumstance you have had to face in your life. What gifts has this experience provided for your growth.


With tender love and great admiration,


                                    Are you willing to choose love?