August 31, 2012


Dear One,  


The summer is coming to and end. It has been an especially enriching time for me.  Many thoughts and ideas have come into focus as my mind grasps the need for silence, so that I might hear what G-d's will is for me.


Can you imagine waking up each morning and saying: "Here I am again G-d, answering the call of love".


That is what Emmanuel suggested my Mantra be almost 15 years ago.  It has been my soul's curriculum to recognize and own that I am  here to answer His call of love.  This is my mission. This is my job on earth.....answering the phone for God and hearing his will for me. 


This is what I practiced this summer, turning my will over to the will of G-d.  There are no new messages, no new revelations. The enlightened experience of waking up is to accept and realize that we are already the light that we are trying so hard to be.


We walked into to the illusion when we took Fear's hand and believed what the ego was telling us about separation.  The Ego's purpose is to Edge God Out.  When accepted that we were not of G-d, we became lost and  fully believed fear's admonitions of separation.


I have a suggestion:

Surrender yourself to Love, become a cheer leader for G-D, and watch the joy unfold.  This is where and when free will must come in.  We are not the victims of fear, we are the creators of fear.  In the midst of the "insanity'" are you willing to choose amother way?  Are you willing to make the voice of love conscious?


The Jewish holiday is a call to remembering for me. During September, the most Holy of Jewish holidays occur. On Rosh ha Shanah and Yom Kippur  we take stock of our lives.  In anticipation, I have been doing this practice all summer.


During this holiday we are asked to :


"Turn from ignorance to truth, from darkness to light, from conceit to compassion, from self to life".  This turning holds the key to survival by asking us to RETURN to the oneness, and to the holiness of who we are. 


This holiday gives me  an opportunity to remember and to awaken to the divine purpose and presence in all of life.

When I light the candles during this holiday, I consciously light the candles of my spirit, and my parent's spirit and offer this prayer:


       Blessed is the Source of Life, The substance of all Being

        whose nature I embody and whose compassions I invoke.

        Dear G-d, Help me to remember I am created in your image.



I believe that it is simply this refusal to align with our choice to remember that continues the pain. It is a choice;  Love or Fear, Reality or Illusion, Oneness or Separateness.  We have free will.


These are some of the questions we are asked to review.


Are the habits I have established for myself life-affirming or life exploiting?

Have I made amends, have I sought forgiveness?

Have I changed my ways? 

Am I willing to face the circumstances of my life, and take responsibility for my choices?

Am I willing to seek forgiveness for deceiving myself and others with half truths and for reacting with emotions that are not true?

Am I willing to forgive myself for judging in another what I tolerate in myself?

Am I willing to see how I manipulate and use others as a means to gratify my desires?

Am I willing to see how I have withheld my love to control those I claim to love?


Whether it is the Pathwork of Transformation, The curriculum of Emmanuel, The Course in Miracles, the 12 Step program, the teaching is the same.  Are you willing to accept that  until now, Fear's voice has been stronger than Love's promised to help you survive and keep you safe.  This is no longer true.  The voice is the illusion.


Now you know that fear/ego's voice keeps you small and a prisoner.  Are you willing to meditate and answer the questions above?  Address each question with gentle love, and your inner knowing.  Listen for new answers.  I suggest that you write these answers down. 


 After you  have done this:


Please stand in front of a mirror. 


Observe the journey you have been on, honor the choices that you have made.  There is no right or wrong, good or bad. Your choices have brought you to this moment.


See with an Angel's eye the rightness of all of who you are in the now. Allow yourself to accept the pain of your humanness and the pain it has caused others by your decision to close your heart. 


Now is the moment.  Forgive your dear sweet self of all your judgments, your shame and your belief in your powerlessness.  Breathe the light in your hand on your heart, gently, feel it open.....keep breathing and keep opening to the light of your own self recognition.


This is the essence of this holiday's teachings:  accept and forgive yourself, open your heart to yourself, heal your self, and then you, as a messenger for Spirit, can heal the world.


In the forgiveness ........we are all one.

A very blessed New Year.