February 1, 2013

Dear One, 

I am dancing in quick step, and there are two musical themes playing in my head. 

One is the ever present theme of knowing that whatever the conflict is: "It is a gift, it is our lesson".  It is the circumstance, the crisis, the mirror into which we have been invited to discover: " What is true?  What is real?"


These lines by Rumi:  

 ...........  "An empty mirror and your worst destructive habits, when they are held up to each other, that's when the real "making" begins.  That's what art and crafting are."


Our Master Class in Love has been doing this.  We have been diving into our false beliefs, swimming in the waters of our self denial,  releasing the hand of fear, and coming Home to the remembering of who we are in G-d.   We have been doing this with commitment and great self honoring.

Our journey, our adventure has been to awaken from the belief  "of our wounding" and to claim who we are in the sovereignty of our loving.

We have worked very hard.  I sense that we are birthing a miracle, and I hold you all gently and I acknowledge the work we are accomplishing.

This new life that we are creating must rip down the veil of the existing belief system, and come to see  life through a new lens.  Seeing through this lens allows your soul to  integrate all of your earthly emotions, with all of your divine awareness into a focused point of "Infinite Authenticity".


Please, let us breathe into this new place.  
Breathing in:      I quiet my mind, and listen for the Stillness of G-d. Breathing out:    I am becoming  that stillness. 
Do this until you feel the sense of calm and until you enter into the still point.  Stay here and experience the calm.



Then there is this other theme.  It is the song within my head and I am trying to find the words.  There is a new understanding for me, of an old word:   Forgiveness.  

I offer you this process:  What does Forgiveness mean to you? Write down all your thoughts and reservations.

                                          What thoughts keeps you from forgiving?

                                          What thoughts keep someone out of your heart?  I invite you to make a list of all the people you refuse to forgive.

                                          Where, how and why do you continue to blame them and continue to be their victim? 

 Forgiveness is not a mental or logical process.  There are some very deep and unexplored feelings that are held and repressed.  Are you willing to write about them?


NOW!  Having attained through our work, the experience that we create all that manifests in our lives, and that it is this very creation that brings us an opportunity to heal, will you take the next step with me?

As Emmanuel and the Guide teaches we  stamp out in others what we refuse to accept in ourselves. 


There is a teaching in A Course in Miracles that says that "Forgiveness" is the end of  "Specialness."  There is no longer any ego, no separateness and it is here we enter the "oneness".  This is the theme that I hear in every cell in my body.  I pray for help here.  If I am truly one with the source, I want to begin the next step of my service as Christ did, by giving his love to all: to loving others as I love myself.  This is the next step in our work.


I would like to share with you a letter of " Forgiveness"  written by Taitha Killion.  (A Master Class in Love student)


"Dear G-d. Creator, Source, Highest Self, All- that- is, My Heart,

 Please forgive me for being the victim of abuse.  Whether it is verbal, physical, emotional or mental, for in my fear, I am not willing to be  sovereign in my loving.  Please help me to forgive my perpetrators, for they are in their pain and suffering.


Please forgive me for being the perpetrator of abuse. Whether it is verbal, physical, emotional or mental;. (Unkindness, rage, destructiveness, cruelty, anger, judgement...) for in my fear and in my pain I forget to walk in my integrity and self loving.


Please forgive me for being the witness to the victims and the perpetrators and forgetting that they too are hurting inside.


Please forgive me for staying in my suffering and in my blame instead of turning it over to you and asking for help to grow within my self love and compassion:  that I may truly love and have compassion for another.


Please forgive me for judging that which I perceive instead of loving that which needs to be healed.


Please forgive me for believing another when they tell me I am bad and wrong and for telling others that they are bad or wrong for any reason, for I see that too as abuse.


Please help me to remember that we are all here experiencing life on this beautiful planet and that we are all in pain and in need of your loving arms and compassionate ears to help us through it.


Please help me, in the face of mild to unbearable suffering and cruelty,  to be your assistant and to hold up a face of love, a heart full of  compassion and a hand of truth.


Please help me to turn to my own pain and to hold it ever so gently and tenderly that it may be set free and no longer rule me or my actions and deeds.

In the love that I have faith within me,



Dear One,

It is time to walk into the oneness, into the perfection of who you are.

Are you willing to be with the next person you see and say: "I see you and you are beautiful."? 

Let us really have a "Love In" this Valentine's day.

Are you willing to take this moment to see only the beauty and love that is available instead of  your projections, judgments and attack thoughts?

If your answer is YES!  will you please hold up a mirror, look into your eyes, and see how beautiful you are.

Breath in this moment of self loving, and exhale this great love into the world.  This is our purpose: To love.

In faith, 




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