June 1, 2013 

Dear Barbara, 

I will be traveling for the next seven weeks. 

 If you are willing, I invite you to take one of these quotes as a daily or weekly meditation. Listening with new ears and seeing with new eyes, allow yourself to enter into the deeper meaning of these teachings for you. These are extraordinary times.

 I invite you to remember Emmanuel's teaching: "With every in-breath there is G-d. With every out-breath there is the resurrection." 

 Now is the time to awaken from the dream of your wounding.  NOW is the only moment there is.  It is only in this present moment that one can heal the past.

I have been blessed in my education by being at the cutting edge of the evolution of human consciousness.  I have had the most "lighted" teachers available to me. In great appreciation, I want to thank and acknowledge those who have informed me, and whose teachings often pepper my teachings and verbiage.  Emmanuel, the Guide, ACIM,  Werner Erhard, Stuart Emory, Wayne Dyer, Henry Kellerman, Thich Nhat Hanh, Bill Wilson, Chaim Ginott, Osho, and Jesus. 

 In gratitude and with humility I thank these master teachers.  


The only answer to every question is:  GOD

Fear is Christ knocking at your heart asking it to open still more.

Jesus / God / Spirit lives through the love we show one another.

Self Castigation is not Holy work.

The doorway to heaven is not through the love of another human being;  it is through opening to your own heart's longing.

Do not compare your life or yourself to another. When you do compare, you are in judgment. When in judgment, you are not in your own self-loving.

Reaction comes from History - a response is always in the moment.

The intent of Fear is to NOT change and to stay separate.

Breathe into your heart chakra and welcome yourself into this sacred place.

What you refuse to accept in yourself you want to wipe out in others.

All judgments keep you from your feelings.

What I judge in others, I refuse to love in myself.

In order to love another, I must first accept and embrace myself.

Love has no opposites.

Fear and love cannot exist in the same moment.

All pain is the pain of self-denial.

Feelings aren't final....breathe.

Underneath the fear is your greatest longing.

Fear is the final addiction to be explored on the planet.

Feel every thing. Embrace all of your feelings. Allow, breathe.

Frustration means that fear is present & that your will is not being done.

See fear as a friend guiding you into your frozen places.

Your full circular breath allows for you to be present in the moment.

I forgive myself in the forever process of not accepting who I am.

I am God having a human experience.

Pain is not an option, suffering is.

All pain comes from self denial.

By the grace of feeling my own pain, I can see the pain of the other.

All illness comes from DIS-ease with one's self.

Anxiety is the symptom of an absence of Self Regard.

Physical symptoms are evidence that there are unexpressed feelings.

Whenever I am in disharmony - conflict, despair, blame - I am in illusion.

Taking responsibility, I sit with "what is" and speak from the "I".

I am responsible for my creation.

Shame is the price we pay for not being authentic.

Perfectionism is a defense against shame.

I would rather disappoint you, than disappoint me.

I will never be seen by others until I risk sharing myself without my mask.

When I don't ask for what I want, I give myself away.

Everything I need is in me.

When circumstances don't dictate the quality of my life, an awakening has begone.

Blessings and love permeate me to the degree I allow it.

When I am in my spontaneous life force, it doesn't matter who is out there.

Trust your own knowing.

The willingness to fail allows beautiful things to happen.

Happiness is allowing everything to be ... without judgment.

Consciousness is the willingness to embrace what is, without judgment.

Mercy is the absence of judgment.

My tears are my liquid longing.

We create from what we believe.

I'll experience it when I believe it.

Choose yourself as the beloved - fall in love with yourself.

I would rather disappoint you...then disappoint myself.

I never need to apologize, explain or defend myself.

Allow the light of your own self-loving to fill you, be all of who you are!

Open to who you are in God.

To live in Love, find Faith and Trust.

Say "yes" to yourself, own your own power, invite yourself into your own heart. Welcome it all.

Say "YES!" to everything, including your NO!

Gratitude is the key to opening our hearts.

Listening with the heart allows for humility in relationship.

Anxiety is created in the  space between "the wanting to do something and the "shoulding" to do something."

Definition of Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Illusion is Fear's creation that we are not  sourced by G-d.

Illusion is the belief  in separation.

Fear and love cannot exist in the same space.

I will always support your excellence, never your "Shittiness".

If you always do what you have always done...you will always get what you have always gotten.

Instant gratification supports your belief in your fundamental unworthiness.

Major expectations lead to major disappointments.

Understanding is the booby prize of life.

Love is all there is....it is the source of everything, including fear. It is a choice.

You are not required to respond unless you are coming from your own self loving.

You cannot analyze life, you have to live life.

You cannot heal the wounding from inside the illusion.

You cannot receive what you are unwilling to give.

This is a C-minus world, and expecting people to be other than who they are causes us pain.

Fall in love with yourself.

I would rather be happy than right

On the human plane, life is a struggle. We need to learn how to struggle better.

I would rather chose peace than struggle.  I would rather be Happy than right.

Each step is a choice.  Choose Love, not Fear.  Choose truth not illusion, choose Oneness not separation,

Let us take the time  now:

Breath in the light...sense your new spaciousness

Breath out the fear... and enter into the oneness....

Let go of the past, do not seek the future, be present in each breath,

If you are not present:  "Where is G-d"?

Breathing in I am present......

"I am the In breath of the Creator", and the source of everything."

Breathing out......

                       All is well... We are One

With respect and love,


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