August 2013

Dearest One,

In this moment, my heart is very opened.  I have been on, and continue to be, on a journey of not only the countries I am visiting , but also of the unconscious destinations of my soul.

I would like to share some notes:
Developing an Unconditional Love Affair with Myself. 
Whether it was when I was teaching the "Inspiring Spirit" (evolution of the BRETH) in Serbia, waiting hours for a plane in Trieste or traveling with my husband, one thought kept repeating itself.  It was not new, but it was very clear:
Whatever Occurs Is Neither the Beginning OR the End.
It was so clear that awakening can only be found in the moment:
To worry, or to be anxious about the next moment will only take me out of the present.
Being happens by accepting "What Is."

It is only when I allowed myself the compassion to permit the energy of the "emotion" to pierce me to the heart, and then to be willing to keep running into the unknown territory, that I was able to receive myself and all that is.
What do I mean by this?   What does it mean to pierce me to the heart?  This is not new information, but it must be practiced.

1. Hear the voice of fear....fear does not go away.  It will not give up its hold...and its insistence is to keep you separate and in the defense.
   A  very dear friend and teacher said to me: 
"Fear (the ego) is waiting in the closet doing push ups and lifting weights
just waiting to jump out and say:

2. My practice is to recognize that fear is present, and not to turn away from it, but not to let it lead me.
3. I must not reject this "emotional" experience, nor can I indulge myself in my addictive behavior
    that believes in Fear's teaching.
4. I will accept and embrace all of  myself to feel and explore this unknown territory.
5. This is when I ask for and pray for help to allow myself to embrace my fear, to hold it gently and to melt fear
    with gentle acceptance by touching it with my love.      
6. This is the way:  I change my response to fear.  I consciously, moment by moment
   "Choose Love".

What I continued to learn on this journey of celebration is that when I do allow myself to reach my limit, when I allow my defenses to be penetrated (AND it does not matter what circumstances cause me to reach "MY LIMIT"), it is in reaching this limit, by going beyond the warnings of fear, beyond the behavior and my idealized mask self, going beyond the disassociation and withdrawal that I can reach the doorway that opens me to 
Sanity and the experience that we are all "aspects of G-d."
It is in these moments that I touch and enter into the unlimited space of the human heart. This is what I have come to do for myself.  It is what I have chosen this life for: to keep my heart open in the middle of the illusion called life.
I invite you to join me.

 I offer you this practice:  Go slow.  Relax.                                                                  
 Please find yourself a quiet space....stretch out on the floor....and begin to breathe.
 Breathe into your belly, into the room, into life.
 Breathing in ........let go of your mind and of any still.
 Breathing out..... surrender into this stillness.....this silence.
 Breathing in .......there is no way to be.....
 Breathing out.......there is no place to go.....
 Breathing in.........letting go into the spaciousness
 Breathing out.......I am the spaciousness.

BE BLESSED, and know:
"If you choose to see unity through the eyes of unconditional love, fear with its barriers, will dissolve.
We do not pray to G-d, we pray from the consciousness of  G-d."
LIVING AS GOD  Healing the Separation  P. Raymond Stewart

In Grace and Joy,

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