September, 2013 

Dear One, 

This has been a month of days that have been filled with a new acceptance of all that is, and the mirroring back to me of the love that is available to me if I say YES!   Emmanuel would say:
         "Darkness is the absence of light, and fear is the absence of love."
Everything is becoming clearer, and so simple.
I have been receiving such wonderful "sharings" from my students and friends. I would like to offer some of these gifts to you now.
          "Love is fierce and tender,
           A wave of beauty,
           A fire which burns all 
           which is not true of who we are." 
                                                             -- from Lynnie, (UK)
          the inspired creator of the Pathwork of South East Europe.
         "You take needle and thread
           Stitch the world together
           with your loving hands". 
                                                             -- from Toby
          (a documentary film producer from Beijing)
What I have been practicing this year is to know when love is present, and to know that when love is present G-d is present.  This is when I stand in the middle of "heaven on earth"  As I commit to love, and make love my spiritual practice, miracles happen. In an instant, when I  choose not to defend, when I choose not to separate myself from you, when I choose to focus on the loving, and the light, I can bring myself into His presence and into the light.
All teachings are the same, unless I surrender my will to G-d's will, unless I choose to know that we are all one....unless I choose to forgive myself and other, I cannot serve my purpose for incarnating which is to be love, and bring that love into the darkness, the forgetting. 
I received this from Mandy (a student from Montana):
          "If the world, the people and our relationships,
          mirror back to us our own inner state of being,
          then I have to ask myself in every moment:  
          What kind of l world do I want to live in?  
          What kind of world do I want to create?
          Am I willing to accept that my life becomes what I think? 
(I suggest that you too ask yourself these questions and journal on them.)
          If I am unwilling to forgive myself,
          then I cannot forgive you either.
          If I am unwilling to see the divinity in me,
          then I will not see the divine in you.
          If I am unwilling to see myself for who I truly am,
          and not who I think I am, or think I should be,
          then I am unwilling to see others for who they truly are,
          and not who I want them to be.
          If I am unwilling to accept myself,
          then I cannot accept anyone else.
          If I feel impatient, I will see and experience
          the impatience of others.
          If I feel angry, I will see and experience
          the anger in others.
          If I can forgive myself, then perhaps there is
          nothing and no one else who needs forgiving.
          If I can begin to love myself, then perhaps
          the world will appear as it truly is... loving and benign."
                                                             -- Mandy
I would like to share more of the gifts I have received this month. My student Mandy (who raises llamas on her farm) was the midwife of a llama named Charlotte.  Charlotte's Mama died in llama birth. Mandy and her husband have adopted and are raising and socializing Charlotte.  Mandy was adopted and is using her birth experience to heal Charlotte and herself.  Mandy is also pregnant for the first time.
There is no separation, not even between species when love is chosen.
Please see the picture of Charlotte "feeding" on Emmanuel's teachings (click on image below for larger view):

Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) begins at sundown on September 13, 2013.
It is the holiest of the Jewish Holidays.  It is a time of introspection and forgiveness.
It is exactly what we are all attempting to practice in our lives in this moment "to love my neighbor as myself"... since we are all one.
Are you willing to forgive yourself, are you willing to know that you never did anything wrong and neither did anyone else?
         "The  practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing
         of the world, it is the key to inner peace."
Marianne Williamson
I wish you peace, and remind you that fear is the absence of love,
-- Barbara


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