November, 2013


Dear One, 


Actually when I write my "Love Letter", I have no idea what the subject will be until I start writing. Today is different. I am writing with the intent to clarify and coordinate my thoughts, so that the simplicity of what I know can be presented to you.


Emmanuel's instructions to me were "to teach what I know, and to pledge allegiance to my heart."


I am very excited.  I will be teaching in Brazil this month a curriculum called:

Beyond Words: Inspiring G-d.


The invitation to teach has inspired me to answer the question that Emmanuel would often ask me:  "What do you know that is unchallengeable?"  I am attempting to integrate the teachings I resonate with.


This is what I know:  Self love produces miracles and it is through our personal self-discovery  that we are able to choose to become the CHANNEL for G-d's knowing.  I offer you my thoughts, and as Emmanuel would say:  "I offer them to you with all the love in the universe without any demand or expectation that you receive them."


There is a bridge between the world of Spirit and our earthly experience.  There is also a gap in this bridge, which is a VOID that some call darkness, or the forgetting. This void is filled with our illusions, our doubts, our fears and our dualistic belief in our separation from G-d and each other. It is our human task to fill this darkness with the "light" of our self-remembering.


It is because of the painful circumstances that we experienced as children that we recreate our experience of the original wounding to keep defending its reality.  It is time to perceive this wounding as a dream that we have come to awaken from.  Our pain comes from the denial of the true self  that was created in G-d's image. 


Are you willing to accept the challenge of what it would be like to live your life from the knowing: that G-d is with me and everyone else as well... and nothing is wrong ... nothing is ever wrong?  What spiritual commitment and what faith this requires!


"This is the practice of surrender.  It is the most difficult path of any.  The Angel remembered and remembering is faced with this challenge to reside in the heart's knowing when the human being is in grief, despair and heartbreak."

-- Emmanuel           


When I stop to breathe... when I go slowly and I ask myself to remember, when I think that someone is offending me, or hurting me... it is evident that I have forgotten who I am.  After much studying (ACIM, The Pathwork, Emmanuel, The 12 Steps), it became even clearer that my thoughts create my experience.


Am I willing to remember who I am in G-d and not who I am in the duality -- and certainly not who I am in the insanity of the ego's teaching?


I see us standing in front of a door... the door is opened slightly.  We cannot yet see what is on the other side.  Join me.  Sit quietly now.  Perhaps light a candle if you will.


"Breathe in and let yourself soar to the ends of the universe.

Breathe out and bring the cosmos back inside."

-- Ueshiba


Breathe into your heart.  With each breath allow yourself to open to a greater knowing, a deeper remembering.


"There is a moment when you have to face with every cell and breath in your body, and every thought in your mind, that everything that you have understood is unreal, and that the only reality is the Divine Knowledge, the Divine Love and the Divine Light.  If (in this moment) you really face what you are coming to know... you are facing transformation.  You are committing yourself to the journey without end."  

 --  Andrew Harvey


".... G-d gives birth to me as his son, he gives birth to me as himself, and himself as me. Here in my own soul, the greatest of all miracles has taken place: G-d has returned to G-d.  I have become the motionless cause of all that moves."

-- Master Eckhart


With each in breath feel yourself soaring into the universe... allow yourself to feel your unlimited self  as you choose to walk through the open door.  What do you see?  Step by step... breath by breath... what do you see as you walk into the "ALL"?  Are you willing to inhabit your creation?


Having gone through the doorway to freedom -- write, draw or channel what you see.


When you are ready, with each out breath bring the cosmos back into you, and root yourself in Heaven on Earth.


This is my prayer:


Dear G-d,

I am thankful this Thanksgiving for all I have been given.

I sit in gratitude.

I open my heart to myself and to everyone I am blessed to touch.

I ask you to remind me that I am your creation, and therefore perfect love.

Hold me in the faith of your loving, and free me to shine your loving light everywhere.

Thank you, thank you.


A Blessed Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah to All,

In gratitude,




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