December 2013

Dear One,
This thought was pervasive on my journey in Bahia:  " The Land of "Allegria"  (the land of happiness)
                    "Our only choice is whether to awaken now or later."

My question is:  What keeps us from insisting on the dream of wounding, and of separation? When Spirit promises Bliss and Joy, why do we insist on struggle and suffering?

There were so many thoughts that evolved into experiences while I was teaching in Bahia that were powerful and transformational:  especially the fact that  " I create from what I think."   This is not a new thought, and it needs commitment and discipline to come to fruition.

 Why then do I insist on the belief in separation and that my fear is real. Why do I submit to this thought, rather than choose to create from my eternal  consciousness?  Why do I choose not to remember my true identity in G-d, and not to receive his gifts?  I kept hearing:
time to wake up... and time to serve me."

I felt as if my mind was a billiard table, each ball on it a thought careening into another thought.
How do I connect all of this?
I remember to breathe... and each conscious breath connects me with G-d.  My whole journey was  about choosing G-d... to be present and to breathe. 
                The module I was teaching was:
                Beyond  Words:  Inspired by G-d.

This time, this letter feels as if I am writing my love letter to myself, rather than to you. The questions I have asked... I have asked before, but this time I have received answers and the answers are clear to me.

My experience in Bahia was a gift, a gift to deepen my faith, and to deepen my practice. I surrendered.  I let go of my expectations and of my agenda. I let go of the hand of fear. Each day, I offered my self, moment by moment, and this prayer to G-d.

Dear G-d, 

Please be with me, I want to feel your presence in everything.
I want to feel your light within me.
I want to hear your voice guiding all of my choices.
I sense my heart being held in your hands, and opening to your gentleness.
Each day another miracle of love presents itself to me.
The greatest miracle of all is my self love, and the
knowing /experience that Love has no opposites.     

In gratitude, in Grace,
I send you all my love.
I wish you the Christ Consciousness this holiday,
and an open heart for 2014


  Fall on your knees and hear the Angels singing

Here I am ...on my knees.... thanking G-d for my life and for walking this path of love with you.
Wishing you the Holiest Christ mas ever.

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