Dear One,

As I prepare to welcome in 2014, I am grateful for the many adventures, and journeys I have taken, and for the many souls I have shared my heart with.  It has been a wondrous year.  I have celebrated my 80th birthday, and my tenth wedding anniversary by visiting family and friends in New York, Italy, Sardinia, and Brittany.  I have taught in Serbia and visited a student in Croatia.  My experience teaching in Bahia was breath taking and joyful.  This was a year of miracles. I am grateful, grateful and grateful.  My heart is singing with gratitude as I enter into this New Year.  

So what is my intent, my resolution for this year?

My intent is to honor the teachings of Spirit.  (The Guide, Emmanuel, A Course in Miracles, The 12 Step Program)  As I am writing this, I hear the voice (teachings) of Emmanuel asking me to consider how beautifully my world has evolved, and all because "my soul was willing to enter into the illusion, and to go to that depth of forgetting in the name of love."  

Emmanuel says we have all traveled from truth to illusion, from heaven to earth, from perfect love, from oneness into separation and into the forgetting's suffering and loss. 
I reread my notes and listened to my old tapes... Emmanuel has asked me over and over again the following question:

"Dear Barbara,
 You have come a very long way.  Is it not time that you reward yourself with the fulfillment of the promise that brought you here, the promise that somewhere, sometime in this lifetime your LOVE will be allowed to shine, and you will illuminate your world with the truth of who you are?"

This year I am going to pledge my allegiance to my heart.  I am going to say yes to my passion, yes to my longing, yes to the life  "Love called me to live," and yes! to illuminating   the world with the truth of who I am.......step by step, breath by breath.

I invite you to sit with me and take the time to be in the stillness and listen.

"Let every voice but G-d's be still in me:
 Father, today I would but hear Your Voice.  In deepest silence I would come to You, to hear Your Voice, and to receive your Word.  I have no prayer but this:  I come to ask You for the truth.  And Truth is but Your Will, which I would share with You today."

If you are willing, please write down what you have heard.  I would greatly appreciate it if some of you would be willing to share His Voice and Will for you with me.
Please join me in this prayer:
Please dear G-d support me in being your messenger for spreading your message of love.

"Please, dearest ones, do whatever you can to bring yourselves to the freedom of that point of self remembering and Celebration of NOW."
-- Emmanuel 
Now is the only moment there is.

I wish you all the love in universe, and a very Healthy and Happy 2014