Dear One,


Meditating on Emmanuel's question: "Why am I not standing in my Light and in my knowing has been very challenging."

I have been inspired by his question. What new point of view, what new idea can I bring to my teaching?

What new thoughts, what new insights can activate this conscious movement to choose another way of being?

Is there another way to "Awaken" to the dream of our wounding?

What suppose I offer to myself and to you a new possibility? Will you be willing to see that:

"The wounding has been an "assignment" that if we were to see it in its clarity and purpose, it would offer us the key to our freedom?"


What we think is what we create.   

This is the first step.

I have heard so many of you say: "I am stuck, I am blocked". 

We go over and over our being the "Victim".


What suppose we believe that we have Free Will. 

This is the second step.

I have a choice.


I have asked my students and those I am mentoring to read the Pathwork Lecture:   Free Will.

The assignment was to write down the most important concepts, to do the personal exercises that the Guide asks for, and then to write an understanding of how Free Will functions in their lives and to be specific.


I also do the home work I assign.. 

AND then What?????


The next step was to ask everyone to read the Pathwork Lecture the Prayer, and to follow the same instructions.

Then I asked each one to write a prayer for themselves so that they would clearly see their issues, and to ask for G-d's help.

The prayers that my students  sent were heart opening. (I might want to include them in a prayer booklet.)


I want to share one letter that was sent to me in the form of a deep self questioning.

Mandy is expecting her first child this month.  (Some of you may know her as the "Lama Mama")

I would like to share part of her letter (with her approval) with you.


My Valentine to you dear Mandy, and a big welcome to the new Angel who is about to enter this earth plane.





11 am


I spoke with the Spirit of our unborn child this morning.  Initially when entering the state my hopes were to visit with my Angels and Guides for help to find peace with the impending labor process.  When I stepped into the space, however, I asked if the Spirit of our child would come forth ……….and it did……it was beautiful.  A rainbow of iridescent colors with a bright soft golden light in the middle.  Radiant, steadfast, other worldly.


I said:


“I am afraid about laboring. Will we be okay? When will it happen? And what of my ‘issues’? Angers? Fears? Insecurities? I don’t want to hurt you, ever. You are my baby and I want to protect you and for us to love one another”.


And the Spirit said:


“All will be well during my birth. Do not be afraid, do not worry. We are safe.  It will be beautiful and I will arrive exactly when I’m supposed to, at exactly the right time. Try to relax and enjoy these moments.  I will come into ‘this’ body at birth and that body will need your tender caring.


I chose you for your imperfections.  You have an immense amount of Love around and in you and I chose you for that too.  I have meticulously thought out the plan for my life.  I know what I need.  I know what is best for me.  I will be just fine, no matter what happens. And in the way that you will show me who I am, I will also show you who you are.  This is a beautiful contract.  I chose my father (Steve) for the same reasons.  The three of us will bring our Lights to the world. It will be wonderful.


You have a great deal of Love to share and to give.  And I will be the recipient of that Love.  

You will be my mother and that contract will never change in this lifetime.


I asked if our souls could touch for a moment and instantly, our inner lights merged into one great ball of golden energy, shining, and beaming in all directions.  Our inner golden lights and luminous rainbow-vortex of colors beamed upwards and all around. All I could do was smile and take a deep breath. 


There is a voice inside me that tells me to   " take a deep breath, that I am safe, that G-d loves me, and I hear:

                                                  Mandy will you love me? Will you bless me IN THIS MOMENT.... You are G-d.  Are you willing to see yourself?'

                                                  I am………at  peace,




I am sending this letter out early.....praying  that as you receive this Love Letter, Mandy and Steve will be welcoming their Angel, their gift of love.

I wish you all this opportunity to give birth to yourselves and to to choose to see yourself as G-d.

Pain brings with each dilation and contraction a new birth, a new way of being.  


Meister Eckhart wrote,
"The seed of G-d exists in us...
Pear seed grows up into pear tree.
Nut seed grows up into nut tree --
G-d seed into G-d."


Are you willing to remember that you are the seed of G-d?

Happy Valentines Day



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