Dear One,

When I  begin to write my Love Letter...I sit and wait... and I listen until  the inspiration ignites my fire.  What is it that I have learned this month that I want to share?

What I write always comes from my immersion into my daily experience.. I write  of the assignments that surface from my day to day circumstances. I write about the new thoughts that have evolved from the challenges. This new thinking allows the choosing of new responses.

 I read and study what others have written.  I know the Universal truths.  I know without a doubt that I must make the teachings mine....and this can only occur through my action, by being in the moment, and not by being in an emotional reaction.

When I was a teenager I read the poetry of Shelley
 One line of  his poetry was sleeping inside of me until this morning:

               "What are all the "Kissings" worth if you kiss not me?"

It is not the understanding that changes one's experience but the willingness to consciously choose another thought, and then, another action..  It is this act of self loving that creates the miracle  (ACIM)
What is all this worth if I do not fall in love with myself?

For years I have studied the teachings of Spirit and Awakened Beings.  I often quote them in these letters. One of my favorites is:

 from Mooji

" I come to call you Home.
Those who resonate with my words and follow them internally will find that place and it's completeness, its joy and fullness.
I have come to call you away from suffering, from fear and from a life of sorrow and into your own divine Being.........
I do not need to know anything about your past.
Your stories are no interest to me....
I know you only through your heart.".........

I know and you know that all suffering is a denial of self...caused by a belief  in separation from the Oneness. Suffering comes from the belief that we are the victims of our FEARS and that fear's warnings are real.

Emmanuel  has said over and over again that:
    "One cannot look with the eyes of yesterday and hope to see today with any clarity.  One cannot bring the self of yesterday into this moment with any expectation of freedom. You are taught to kneel at the altar of Yesterday....but yesterday has ceased to exist.  Allow yourself your G-d given right to rebirth yourself into this moment, right here, right now."

I love this thought by Victor Hugo.
    "Whether the G-d be called Christ or love, there are at times, an hour, when HE is forgotten, even by the best.  All of us, even the Saints require a voice to remind us."

I have come to be the voice that reminds you that this month we celebrate both Passover and Easter. I have been kissed by the teachings. These holidays are a celebration that honors humanity's strivings for spiritual growth.  It is a time of renewal and resurrection, a time of healing and transformation and a time of spiritual birth.
I would like to remind you that the process of birth of any kind is referred to as  "labor."  It is a process of dilating and contracting....of opening and closing, It is the only way (as painful as it feels in the moment) that we can give birth to ourselves.  This is the miracle of spiritual growth.

As Emmanuel said:
"Open your heart.  It takes only one moment of decision, one flicker of light's remembering and you are free."

Dear G-d
Help me to release my beliefs in my limitations.
Help me to replace these  false beliefs with new unlimited thoughts.
Help me to be born again into Your light
 so that I may serve you by seeing the loving truth in everyone.
Help me dear G-d, so that I may celebrate the recreation of  
                          Heaven on Earth.
So be it,

Join me in this circle of love,
"I have come to call you home"
I wish you all a Happy Passover and a Joyous Easter.

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