Dear One,

In one moment my life as I knew it has changed.
When a challenge, as in an illness comes to you or to a loved one, it is an opportunity to look deep within the circumstance to see the personal opportunity to grow.

What I have been working with my entire life is the concept that whatever I choose in that moment, I have a choice to choose love or fear.

When I was a child, my parents would rent a house at the beach every summer.  My Dad loved to body surf, and he loved when I would go with him.
Although I did not realize it then... his teaching was paramount to the teachings of every GURU or teacher that I have ever studied with.

We would stand in the water as the wave would come crashing in.
He would say: "When the wave comes Bobbie... you have three options...
1. Dive deeply in to the wave... do not resist.
2. Stand in front of the wave, surrender and ride it HOME.
3. Stand rigidly in front of the wave... and let it hit you full on."

Many years later... this teaching has become very clear.  I have a choice in the way I respond to everything that happens to me.
The only thing I have control over is my choice.  Am I willing to allow the energy of love to move through me or will I resist?

I was meditating the other day.  I had the most glorious visuals.  As I breathed in... I saw the sunrise.  It was so clear and lighted as it was coming up over the mountain.  With the out breath, I saw  the sun set in a glory of ribald outrageous  colors. Then I saw a snowy winter scene.  The trees were shining with icicles.  The world was covered with pure snow.  With my next breath my vision elicited Spring... my lilac tree was blossoming and the tulips and daffodils were blossoming in a profusion of colors.  It was so beautiful.
Then I heard a voice and it said:

"This all happened without your effort, or without your doing anything
  Believe in the orderliness of the Universe,
  and know that you are safe."

I am safe... I  keep breathing this in.  I am safe... and I keep consciously choosing to remember this, with each breath.

I cannot know what will happen tomorrow, and I do not even know what outcome would be best for me.
What I know is that I need to surrender this moment to G-d and to allow the waves of love to carry me home.

My husband, Adriano, gave me a beautiful sculpture of an Angel's wing.
We joked, and he said that I might even receive the other wing in this lifetime.

This is my commitment to my soul's journey....

To remember and to fly with the wings that G-d had given me.
In my conscious act of choosing love and in remembering who I am, I will receive the other wing.

Today I open the gates of my heart... come join me.
I offer you this prayer:


Please say it with me every morning.

In Faith,


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