Dear One,

Last week we were bringing into focus "what 'it' was that I was looking for when I first contacted you" .... I've been thinking about this a great deal and was guided to this quote from Emmanuel's Book, it was so on point that I got chills.

The question was:

"Is it necessary to have a teacher?"

To which Emmanuel replied: 

"Do not overlook the most important teacher that you have
which is your own intuitive knowing.

Teaching is always a reminder,
a stirring up of the embers.
This allows what is dormant in the consciousness
to come into active focus.
One cannot teach out of whole cloth.

You are all channels. 
You are all open to hear your own hearts
or you would not be here.
From the deep well
of your own human experience
you bring up the cool clear waters
of love, of knowledge, of wisdom
to give to the rest
of your human community.
To the extent that you are in truth,
to that extent you are a light in the heavens
shining forth Love and Light and God.

But remember,
when a teacher ceases to learn
he ceases to teach.
Such a one becomes rigid and fixed-
a signpost, perhaps,
but not a teacher.

The concept of teacher as student
and student as teacher 
is not new.
It has been spoken of by the wise souls
of every generation.
There is much learning
to be derived from the teaching process.
But the teacher must remain the student
if the teacher is to grow."

And so dear Barbara, what I realized is: I was searching for myself. I needed someone to "stir up the embers" and bring into active focus what had become dormant in my consciousness; to help me open my channels and bring forth my Light to my human community. And you are a teacher that never ceases to learn, who is constantly growing yourself, and who is willing to share your journey with us all. It is beautiful. Thank you.

I am keeping this last paragraph not in pride, but simply as a reminder:
Are you willing to see each crisis, each circumstance, each Now Point as an opportunity to speak and to share your knowing, and your wisdom?
Are you willing to go past your own self judgment and criticism and speak your truth in the moment?
Review any conflicts during your day, and ask yourself was I true to myself?

This has been a very challenging time for me, and what has comforted me is this new awareness.  Have I been in integrity with the truth as I perceive it?

I follow with Lynne's experience:

Part of my teaching this year was to create a group of people deeply connected to their longing to open to love.
We are twelve women throughout the world with the desire to respond in conversation in a new and intimate way.
This is part of one of the members, Lynne's reply to my question:

"What a gift from G-d that we can share our innermost feelings with each other- free of judgement. I am not used to having this much love in this lifetime. I don't have sisters just brothers, so this in itself is a new experience!!! I never seemed to fit in to an all girl groups growing up. I felt shut out. 

When Barbara first mentioned the group to me I was excited and a little nervous at first. My truth be told- I thought I might not fit in. Fear was playing the same old tapes!! But I listened to my heart and said Yes!  Accept and join!!

.... I thank you Barbara for your vision and for being my teacher. Through your love, blessings and teachings I have learned how to receive unconditional love and to love myself unconditionally! From here I stretch my wings to touch each of you and I love you each unconditionally and respect the G-d self in each of you!!! I am so happy that I listened to my heart- ...."   Lynne

The teaching ... first we must give to ourselves what we have previously demanded from others.  It begins with ME, and accepting my feelings is the first step.  Can I open my heart to me? Am I willing that My truth be told? For most of it is a new experience.  Something that demands practice.

Jesus went through his trial alone, abandoned by his students, his disciples.
As a metaphor what does this mean to you?
  Please write about it in relationship to your own "cruxifition."  It is time to take the nails out of the palms of your hands. Are you willing to go past the shoulds and should nots of your life?

When my older daughter was away at camp (it was her first time away from home) she made a ceramic statue in arts and crafts. It had no legs.  It  could not stand up by itself.  This has been an important image.  Am I willing to stand up for myself?

How many of us believe that we are alone and that we can not stand up on our own two feet?
What I have come to offer to you as a teacher is that you can, and that your truth is needed on this planet.

Adyshanti writes that Jesus late in life:

".... begins to realize that his real teaching is not healing, it  isn't to teach in parables, it is not even to teach the deeper reality .... he realizes at some point that his real teaching is his life story.  He himself is the teaching."

Are you willing to be the teaching? Are you willing "Not To Stay Silent Any More?"
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Enjoy entering the next season ... fall in love with yourself.