September 1st. 2014

Dear One,

This month has been a positive month although very challenging.   I am facing many issues, mostly my own attitudes towards awareness and understanding.  How do these contribute to my desire and longing to surrender to the greater truth.  While teaching in Fortaleza, Brazil I saw  that each person there was willing to choose to surrender and was longing for the healing to occur. 
This state of grace can only be arrived at when one is willing to remember his humanness,  and to accept moment by moment IN THE MOMENT WHAT HE IS FEELING:  that the plan is perfect and that we have chosen "it" all. 

The only way the "World" can be saved is if we Angels in human form accept our own humanness, commit ourselves to heal our own inner conflict and then...
"Moment by moment, thought by thought we can one by one save the world."

As Emmanuel told me:  "There are no new messages, there are no new revelations".  Every spiritual teacher and teachings have the same foundation:  Love yourself: Fall in love with yourself.

One of my students sent me this teaching from the 12 Step Program.

"Step Three: 
 I turn my will and my life over to the care of the Higher Power of my understanding." (This means G-d, Jesus, the Higher Self... or any felt experience of this Higher Power as you know it.)

Written in the BOOK:

"I finally realized that I do not have to enlighten anyone.  Turning my life over to my Higher Power now includes turning over my loved ones and all of their words, actions, and attitudes as well.  Allowing my loved ones to take their own decisions and learn from their mistakes gives them the gifts of dignity and gives me the gift of serenity.  When I am not spending my energy trying to figure out other people's  lives I have the insight to make the everyday decisions that bring me peace."

I like the saying:  "What you think of me is none of my business...and what I think of you is none of your business. (Unless we have agreed to discuss this without judgment, blame or the belief in ourvictimhood.)

I gave my students a homework assignment from what I call  practice for  "Spiritual Olympics".  I want to share with you what I received from Mandy F.

 Dear Barbara,

 Last night as part of my meditation I had this conversation with myself.

"You do not agree with me?  When I allow your disagreement to bother me, to take powerful energy away from my being, what I am really saying is that I place a higher value on you, and your opinion then on me and mine.
So what if you do not agree with me. Does this make me wrong?  NO! Does this make you wrong. NO!
"So you realize sweet angel...stand in your truth.  It is beautiful and so are you. You are not like everyone else, and that is the truth.  Why if you want to seek your unique beauty, why then do you hold onto the false and disheartening belief that others should agree with you.
There an is an inconsistency here that if looked at would offer you such freedom.

'You do not like me?  So be it!. It is not my business what you think about me. Can I accept that I am your mirror and you are mine in this moment?  I am mirroring back to you something that you need to see in yourself.  What that is I do not know, and it is not my business. That is what mirrors do. ...reflect back.
We keep changing partners, learning new steps, realizing where we can not follow, realizing where we cannot lead.
You want to sit in the audience and judge what you are afraid to know......
well your number is up.  It is time to dance, Mandy."

Let us sit with this.  It is time to no longer listen to all the voices in our head, and trust that we are already G-d enough.  Are you willing to to let go of other's expectations of you and stand in the light of who you already are?

We are rebirthing ourselves into the oneness.  Spiritual Labor is a long and arduous process. With each dilation we move into the opening, and with each contraction we allow the pain....letting go of history, letting go of the past,  letting go of the loss and of  the past hurts surrendering it all to G-d.  Doing this we will be born into our self love.

I send you blessings and the reminder that on this "Labor Day"  let it be a Labor Day of love and rebirth yourself into love for that is who you are.

Listen to: Love Changes Everything
by Sarah Brightman

In gratitude, and with great respect,


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