October 2014

Dear One,

This has been an amazing month.  What does amazing mean?  To me it has meant:  painful, frustrating, and often unbelievably sad.  Sometimes the circumstances have taken me out of my 'comfort zone'  leaving me lost and very fragile. 

When I take the time to breathe and  to ask what is true... every crisis becomes an open doorway, rewarding, and  filled with the miracles that only love can inspire.

In this time of my life, I see that I can continue being the victim of something outside of me, or I  can accept that  "all"  has been my soul's creation to bring me back into the Oneness.

I heard it said that "pain is not an option on this planet, but suffering is."  If I look back at my life, I see that my suffering is what finally cracks my heart open. When I am open to my own beauty, when I am able to accept myself with my imperfections... in my humaness... then I am able to open my heart to myself and then to life.

The child's defensive behavior obeys the call of fear.  This behavior no longer serves our essential self... the one that is born in G-d.
It is my belief in my negative, altered and too-often-disregarded self that causes the suffering.  It is this journey through the suffering, that is the route to joy.  

All suffering is caused by the belief in our wounding.
All pleasure is grounded in our acceptance of who we are moment to moment.

"AND who we are in G-d is who we are,"  as we allow all else to fall away.

I invite you into a moment of gratitude and self appreication. 
As you awaken in the morning... become aware of your body.
Breath into it... wiggle into to it, stretch into it.

Ask yourself what are you grateful for and make a mental list. 
Explore each function that your body performs.
Go very slowly as you become aware of the extraordinary miracles that your physical body manifests each moment.
You breathe...
You perceive, as your eyes fasten on some new sight.
You hear the sounds around you.
What else comes into your awareness?

All this awareness -- before you have even put your feet on the floor.
Are you willing to be present, if even for a moment, with all the functions of your body that you have taken for granted?

As you are waking up, hear the sound of your Soul calling you to accept the miracle of the Divine mystery of who you are.

I send this to you with all the love in the UNIVERSE.


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