Dear One, 

 I am imagining having a dialogue with you.  I would love to be able to do this, but I must settle for communicating through my Love Letter.  There are many thoughts I want to express.

 I have great
 gratitude and it's appropriate that we are now celebrating Thanksgiving. 

 This has been a powerful time for me.  The combination of teaching in Brazil, New York and then creating a training of my own has helped me to synthesize Teaching as a POINT OF VIEW.

 It is as simple as this: Life is a Point Of View

 Travelling  and working with people from different countries, and being married to a man from Italy, I have finally recognized and accepted that every person has his own Point Of View.

 This depends not only upon their wounding (their birth and family experience) but based on where they were born, their gender, their culture, their language, their religion, their politics, their economics, and their socialization (how men and women relate to each other and how they are socialized is an important part of this recognition).

 Over and over again, I have seen that no two people have the same experience, and no two people respond the same way even when what is being presented appears to be the "SAME EXPERIENCE".

 What I have been shown on so many levels this month is that whenever a person is in an emotional reaction it is because he/she is coming from another point of view, and is sensing "a danger" if he/she is not agreed with, or if his Point Of View is rejected.

 Think about this: has this ever happened to you?  Do you defend, insist and need to explain your Point Of View?  Do you ask yourself what is happening?  Why am I angry?  What am I telling myself that makes this feel like life or death?  Why can I not tolerate this difference or the ambiguity?  Am I willing to hear the others Point Of View?

What wish or expectation do I have that has been denied?

I found this video on YouTube.  Please watch it.  It is clear.

 Does your heart get broken when you are not agreed with, or received?  Can you tolerate this feeling?  What is it that you need to give yourself... what gentle reminder will help you accept that we all come from a different point of view.  What is yours?  Take the time to explore this and then write down your own Point Of View.
 Yes! We all have a different Point of View.  The healing will come when we give up the false belief that another's point of view means DANGER to us.  When I drop beneath my (D)ANGER (which is a defense against feeling) I will be able to admit that we all have a different Point Of View and that there is no Right or Wrong, only the insistence that "I am in danger" that makes it appear so.

 "We are not obliged to be perfect once and for all... but to only rise again and again beyond the level of self*"  *[Barbara's note: that is, beyond the level of ego] --
Abraham  Heschel

 This allows us to see that we are all one... and in this recognition is the healing.

  Please listen to the song:
Starship - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (with lyrics)

Join me in building this dream together...

My Gratitude & Blessings for a Joyous Thanksgiving,