January 2015

Dear One,

My thoughts at the end of this tumultuous and expansive year – 2014.
I have been meditating on this -- asking to be shown:  “what has been different for me, and what has been the same?”
I found my diary from 1948.  I was amazed at what a committed student I was, how political I was (that was the year Truman beat Dewey in a most unexpected presidential race) how I loved my piano lessons, my dancing, my friends, and that even then I knew what I wanted….
This piece has always been in me…this longing, this desire for creating union and to live in love.
What has kept me from this longing?
It is my inability to stand in my own truth without getting angry, without feeling disrespected and without feeling disloyal, and finally it is my inability to be without the belief that I can be disempowered by another’s reaction to me.
I now know that this is because  I act and make choices from the belief that my truth is not good enough.
Fear has taught me that my correct and desired reaction is to be predicated upon the response of other.
Fear has taught me that my acceptable reaction needs to prove “Loyalty” to other, never to myself.
Fear has taught me that “opposites” are the compelling part of the illusion of separation and that has taught me that to exist in this illusion I must go to war for “my right” to exist.
I am now standing in the accumulative effect of this.
I ask: What suppose I look at this as a game:


Where do I start?  What are my choices for this New Year? What beliefs would I have to change?
How can I truly enter into THE DANCE OF LIFE?  What would need to change?
I invite you to suspend your belief system…in fact let go of your mind.  The belief that you are your mind is part of the struggle.

I invite you to take a deep breath and hold it…let your breath fill every cell of your body with faith.
When you are ready…gently release your breath and with it the longing to release your fears.
Breathe in Faith…breath out fear’s admonitions and just notice them without judgment.
When you are ready… find yourself a quiet place and invite your angels in.
As you breathe allow yourself to feel that this is the only moment there is.  Fill every cell in your body with this awareness.
Follow my words, and place one hand on your heart:
What suppose all of this talk about past lives, and parallel lives are only the mind’s NEED for understanding and its need to “know”?
Allow me in a little deeper. 
What suppose then that this is the MIND’S way to explain the “reasons” for your behavior?  What suppose that this is the mind's little trick that keeps you trapped in the hoping that if you understand you would then have the key to freedom?
What suppose that this is fear’s way of cleverly keeping you trapped in your separated ego?
What suppose this is the ego’s way of keeping you addicted to behavior that no longer serves?
Allow yourself to sit with your “past lives” and the circumstances their lack of consciousness recreated in this life.  Watch them as if you were watching a movie….. BREATHE
Do you see the pattern?  Do you see the behavior that you keep on choosing that is dependent on this false belief that you are powerless?
What suppose you were to let this belief go?
What suppose you were willing to let go of your history, and the “importance” of your past lives as an excuse for not being present in this one?
What suppose you were consciously willing to choose and to celebrate this moment of NOW?
What suppose you would choose to function from the knowing that all there is NOW?  The Past is gone…the future has not arrived?
Stay with this thought.  Breathe into every cell in your body and be filled with the energy of NOW!
What suppose you were to give yourself permission to know that this moment is all there is?
Emmanuel said to me:  “Are you willing to know that you are safe beyond your wildest dreams?”
It is your choice to finally let go of the hand of fear and align yourself with your “PRESENCE.”
It has to be your conscious choice to enter into the DANCE OF LIFE and to know that you are safe.
Join me in the belief that there is only NOW!
The past is gone, the future is not here…and if you are not present in the now where is G-d?
This is my wish for all of us…and my New Year’s resolution for us all…to be who we are in unabashed joy.

My prayer for the New Year, I offer to you as your spiritual practice:


With blessings for the New Year 2015,
And the wishes for the “remembering” that: