March, 2015

Dear One,

I am taking this time, before I leave to teach in Brazil, to ask you to go through a new doorway with me.
I am asking you to step into the light.

Stop... Breathe... be present with all there is in this moment.

Do you feel the energy?  Can you feel something new is present in the air?
I ask you to take the time to enter into the dawning of this new day, of new possibilities.
I ask myself what is new?  What needs to be paid attention to?
I keep hearing:
                Now is the only moment there is.
                The past and our history does not
                and cannot exist in this present moment.

The belief in fear is what keeps us from our bliss. Fear is what keeps us in our struggle. (Pathwork Lecture 170)
In the word belief is the word "lie."
Because of fear we spend our lives defending against what fear tells us will happen
  if we no longer obey fear's whispers.
We act from an accumulated effect of the "bombardment" of fear's belief in the duality
  and the illusion of separation.
We create our experiences from our thoughts: "BELIEVING IS SEEING."

Are you willing to change your thoughts?

No two thought systems can occupy the mind without resulting conflict.
All anxiety comes from the conflict between what I want to do...and what I believe I SHOULD do.
I have said over and over Love and Fear cannot occupy the same space.
If I want to be "in Love and in Peace" I must give up my belief in fear.

We must thank fear for being our teacher.
We need to hold the fear gently as a mother would hold a  frightened child.
Are you willing to bless your past that has turned into wisdom?
Are you willing to bless with gratitude the pain and sorrow that has brought you to this moment?

I ask you to pledge allegiance to LOVE.
Please place your right hand over your heart.  Feel the new life force pumping through your body,
and flowing into every cell.

Give thanks to this present moment...breath into and feel the energy of love.

Please join me in this prayer:
  May my mind be clear ,
  May my mind be a conduit of love,
  and may I know.....
  There is only this moment of now.
  There is only love.

I invite you to listen to an interview I had with William Weil (author of New Age Relationships);

Sending you love,

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