April 2015

Dear One,

I have had a stunning experience this past month, in fact a glorious experience. The outer manifestations of my life were so beautiful. I am grateful.


I know that most of us believe in our personal history and our wounding. We are bound to it.  I finally have released this belief, and in this moment, I feel that I am creating from my thoughts:


In other words: Believing is seeing.


The issue has been that I had forgotten that I had a reason for incarnating.  I believed in fear's message. I believed in the separation, and that I was separate from G-d.  My repetitive behavior, based on my addiction to this belief that I was separate from G-d, recreated my painful experience.  Fear taught me that I was alone and that I was not safe.


It was as if I had awakened from a dream.  This was my experience. After examining and then removing the lens that fear provided, I saw my world so differently.  It was truly radiant.


I heard clearly the teachings of the Guide and Emmanuel and the Course in Miracles and the 12 Step Program...." I was not who I was taught to be"... indeed  I was a woman of G-d entitled to the miracles that self- love created. I remembered that my purpose on earth was to remember who I was.... And that I was created in G-d's image.  In this self- loving, I began to watch the miracles happen.


My trip to teach in Brazil was a manifestation of this awareness.


Emmanuel has told me over and over again that we can create from the moment of NOW, not from history, or from whom I was a breath ago. What do I want to create from who I am in this moment.


Each of you know conceptually that I am not saying anything new.  There are no new messages and there is nothing that you do not already know. There is no outer authority and no guru who is wiser than you are. The moment you are willing to remember who you are your path becomes lighted.  The moment you fall in love with yourself you view of this world will become "wonderous."


As the Guide and Emmanuel have promised:


"The celebration is instantaneous, and you will be escorted by singing angels." 


My time in Brazil was exactly this....everything, the plane rides, the students, my wonderful translator Angela, the places we stayed in, the food, all were a celebration of joy. All were a manifestation of my faith.


Now I am inviting you to allow yourself this experience of knowing that you and G-d are one when you wake in the morning.  Are you willing to remove your filter...to change your world view and see through the eyes of G-d, and to hear with the ears of G-d.  Your soul purpose here on earth is to remember who you are, an angel having a very human experience.


Allow yourself to remember and to touch the miracles that being loving creates.  Now is the time to create a world of your choosing.


The only way that light can come to the earth is if we are the vehicles.


Would you be willing every morning to stand in front of the mirror and see yourself with the eyes of love? Are you willing to choose love?

Are you willing to fall in love with yourself? Are you willing to remember who you are?


Believing is Seeing.


Please listen to the song:
Rod Stewart - For The First Time
For The First Time


Have a wonderful Easter and Passover and remember:

             G-d is in everything and in everyone.

             Grace is in our daily bread.