May 2015

Dear One,

I am inviting you to open your mind to another point of view.  What suppose you have done the best you could possibly have done and still you are in anger or in despair about the results of your creation?  What suppose you are now questioning your relationship with G-d?


What I would like to suggest to you that this is a very important moment in your life. Please stop...take a breath and consider that this is the "altar" that you have come to kneel in front of.  This situation holds the gift for your transformation.


First you must be willing to remember your intention for incarnating into human form.  You have come to make a difference. You have come to bring conscious love to where love was not.  You have intended to bring this light not only into your own self-remembering but into the forgetting of others.




"There is nothing in this universe that you have not created. There is nothing in the universe that you have not called to you, and there is nothing in this universe that you are not authorized to create for yourself.  And this is the most important part: it will happen the moment you are willing to fall in love with yourself.


 "You are here to say yes to the moment of what seems to be incomprehensibly difficult and it is to bring your light into the illusion that something or someone is the enemy and has to be defeated. In this saying yes there are no judgments (of self or others or the situation -- B.A.).  There is no need to forgive.  There is no need for self-chastisement, and there is no score keeping of any kind.


---To reach the top of the mountain there is one thing required, and that is your surrender to the moment of NOW, and to say YES!"


Now in this very moment, (many are going through great challenges) to say yes!  To say yes to every thought and feeling and to be with it all... to accept when life does not appear to be working... it is still working perfectly.


It is in the accepting of this information that will allow you to wake up to reality: no matter what the circumstance in your life when we choose to love it all...we are always safe. (Pathwork lecture 250)


OH! My G-d.....YES!  (This is going to be the name of my next retreat)  I have finally come to realize that I am created from G-d's genes.... G-d and I are family.  We are one.  There is no separation except when I listen to fear's voice.


Now is the time to accept my real needs. In this moment I must stop pretending to be other than myself in the belief that I can manipulate you into to loving me or giving me what I want.


How could your love mean more to me or be more important to me than my own self -loving or respect?


It is only in this self- respecting that I can heal myself, and finally experience what conscious love is about. I invite you to join me in being a conscious lover.


Join me in this celebration.

Join me in rebirthing into our true essence.

Join me and allow the miracles that loving ourselves create.

Join me in this divine dance of love.

Join me and be present in this life.


Join me for G-d's sake.


Happy Birthday to all the May angels.


My dear friend Portia Nelson wrote this song just before she went home.  I dedicate this Love Letter to her.


Please listen to the song:
Portia Nelson
Portia Nelson - This Life




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