September 2015

Dear One,

 In 1951, I graduated from High School.  My Father wrote in my yearbook:

"Dearest Bobbie,
I always knew you had "it" in you. What you will accomplish in the future will be even greater because you believe in yourself and are capable of creating from your beliefs. Know what you want, and set your standards and goals high. Do not stop until you achieve your dreams.
Your loving Father."

In the same yearbook, my classmates wrote:
"The whirling dervish Barbara, would not hesitate to give the devil a hot foot."

In August 2015, my friend Angela went to Turkey and brought me back a figurine of a whirling dervish.

Everything finally came into place for me in 2015. Every dream manifested.  (all is in G-d's plan and on his time table) 
There are no accidents... Once we have choose to incarnate our soul's passion is in place.We have to keep choosing.  I chose love.  All my choices led me to learn what love is and then... to teach love in Belem and Salvador this month.

The Dervish was placed on the Altar in Belem.
I was invited to teach the first step: "Loving self is a prerequisite for a loving relationship."
My Father (who art in heaven) has always told me what I finally had come to know:
"The ultimate partner is a divine one... and it is G-d who can always be counted on."
In the remembering that we are all one, and that there is no separation, the healing has begun.

I have created from my knowing... as A Course In Miracles teaches:
"Why wait for Heaven?  Those who seek the light are merely covering their eyes.  The light is in them now.  Enlightenment is but a recognition, not a change at all."

I have come to remind you:
The essence of who you are is never altered.
An Angel chooses to walk through the doorway of illusion
so that fear can present itself to be transformed.

Please join me in this prayer.

Dear G-d.
Help me to remember that this moment, this very moment is all there is.
Help me to choose love in this moment
and to remember that I have chosen this life to answer the call of love.
I commit myself to follow my heart, to dare to dream any dream that so pleases me. I vow to align myself with my heart and to follow it to its final destination which is perfect love.

Please listen to the song by Kristin Chenoweth: Over The Rainbow


In gratitude to all who walk this path of love with me.
-- Barbara ("Juju")