November 2015

Dear One,

The journey to Belgrade was a metaphor for what I have become aware of: that my life in the last forty years has been a beautiful unfolding of what I have come to the Earth-plane to learn.
I take a very deep breath to honor this journey from "there to here"... from 1975 to 2015... accepting that the plan is perfect, and that I am the creator of my experiences.

When I teach, I place a picture of John and Eva on the altar. This time the glass in the frame cracked, and as I was taking out the glass, I saw that there was a picture of me just before I had started this journey.
I was in my mid-forties. I meditated on that face... and visualized each experience that created the lines in my face.

I was a witness to all that I had experienced in those forty years.  I followed the radar of my soul through the experiences:
  My two divorces, my daughter's marriage, my return to graduate school, my becoming a therapist and a Path Helper, the birth of my two grand daughters who are now in graduate school exploring their paths, the loss of my father, the "going home" of Pat and Emmanuel and some of my dearest family and friends, my marriage when I was 70 years old to my soul's teacher, my leaving New York and moving to California, my starting to visit other Pathwork communities throughout the world and to give sessions on Skype. I taught in Italy, Spain, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and Serbia.  I served on the Pathwork foundation... and deepened my love for the Guide's teachings. I am here in Serbia teaching from my inner wisdom. I have evolved a curriculum which I named:

A Master Class In The Anatomy of Love (based on the Guide, Emmanuel and the 12 Step Program)

Looking at that picture of me as a very young woman, I  accepted that every step, every heart breaking experience allowed me to open my heart to myself and to honor my remembering and longing.  In spirit, I had made a Divine commitment to follow my heart and the forces of Love.

I learned through this journey of 40 years that:

 Worrying never changes anything...
That understanding is important but it ultimately cannot change what happened in the past... only my action to choose love  and to respect my heart's wisdom can create change in the moment of NOW!
 I can argue for my suffering as long as I choose to -- but it will not end my misery.
 I know now that I am not the victim of fear, I am the creator of my fear and that my thinking creates my experience.
 I know that faith can move mountains... but if I have faith I can trust that the mountains do not have to move.
Then I saw a picture that was taken of me in the workshop...
...and I saw in these two pictures how my face holds all my experiences with tenderness over these forty years.

Barbara_1970s Barbara_Serbia_portrait

My journey from There to Here...
I felt such compassion for myself and I was filled with gratitude for my life and those who share it with me.

This is my prayer for this Thanksgiving Holiday.

Dear G-d,
Help me to live in the present moment,
and to release all worries of the future.
Free me from the chains of the past.
Help me to be grateful for every moment of my life,
and for those who join me on this great road trip..
Help me to be an example of one who surrenders her illusions to You
so that I may serve as a channel for your love.
In great gratitude and Thanksgiving.