February 1, 2016

Dear One,
This has truly been a very fertile time for me as I have been preparing for my trip to Brazil. I will be there teaching when this letter will be sent out.  How can I weave the themes of relationship, intimacy, boundaries and commitment  into the alchemy of love...  all into an embrace of self acceptance and self-loving.

After all my years of studying and learning, it seems now is the time to insist and assist you into giving up your addictive behavior based on your negative unconscious and resistance based on Fear.

How do I help you to see that in remembering that you were born in 
G-d's image you have the key to your freedom? How do I help you to see that your belief in your suffering, your acceptance of your limitedness, impotency and  your instance that you are the victim is breaking your own heart?
How can I help you to see that as long as you insist on your suffering, and insisting on your "victimhood," nothing will change. As long as you refuse to take responsibility for your choices, as long as you insist on suffering and as long as you keep on believing that you re less than you are you... you will manifest from this belief."

Ian McCorie
"I seek no reason for this unwanted state, unreasonable state.
Who and what has caused my discomfort?
Perhaps my parents, maybe enemies...
Then again, perhaps my employer, or my genetic dispostion

I surely must have been abused by someone... for surely I am
entitled to eternal bliss.
Pointing my finger everywhere but inwards,
I dwell forever in anger, frustration and resentment.


I have been shot by a poisoned arrow.
What's the difference who shot it, or from where or with what bow.

Are you willing to remember and accept your Soul's plan for this incarnation? 
Are you willing to take back your own power... to become your own "Guide." 
Are you willing to own all of who you are?
Are you willing to accept that you are imperfectly perfect.
Are you willing to be truly present with all of your FEELINGS (not your Emotional Reactions) and fall unconditionally in love with yourself.

You are your own teacher.
You are your own Master and GURU.
And so are we all.
This is the single truth:  ONLY LOVE IS REAL.
I offer you this prayer.

Dear G-d
Helmp me surrender my fear to you.
Help me to penetrate the veil of illusion,
Dear G-d helmp me to live my life in love.
So be it.
Without Love We Have Nothing


MAY THIS VALENTINE'S DAY BE A DAY of love "without love, there is nothing."