March, 2016

Dear One,
I recently read a book titled:  "Somewhere Near The End."  The book  was a wake up call for me.
None of us know when or how we are going to die......but at "almost" 83 I am pretty sure that I am
somewhere near the end.  What does this mean to me?

I sit quietly....and that is one thing I have accomplished and learned how to do.  I can sit quietly and listen to the silence. My mind is still and I
can hear my own heart beat as it is opening to love.  No thoughts, no "shoulds" projecting into the future....just breathing into the silence.  I allow the quiet to embrace me.  In this quiet place, I enter into my heart's longing:  to love unconditionally, and not to emotionally react with  " the language of love" that my child had learned.

This is what I know that cannot be challenged...that this quiet space within me, is filled with gratitude and  acceptance for my life, for the circumstances and for the people who have brought me to this moment. This life is not an accident.  It is my soul's carefully planned adventure to bring me into my eternal consciousness while in a physical body.  It began with the Spirit's willingness to incarnate....planning each step so that we can bring, by our choices, love where love is not  in ourselves and to the planet.

The essence of who we are never changes....we are the breath of G-d.  When we learn the lessons of fear,  (fear is our greatest teacher) and we let go of the belief in the illusion, we can come home, while we are still in our human bodies.  What a journey:  remembering and forgetting:  imperfectly perfect, as we remember that we have chosen it all.  We are not victims, no matter how we argue for our misery.  When we let  go of the anger, blame, powerlessness and actively take responsibility for  the manifestations in our lives,  we begin to live a life of passion and surrender to all that is.

My time teaching in Brazil was a powerful experience allowing me to see that when self love is present miracles happen.
Our work was based on the acknowledging that we chose this life to empower ourselves, to fall in love with ourselves, and to surrender our will to G-d's through our moment to moment choices.  This is the soul's journey to become spiritual olympiads in the "Mastering of Love."

This was our mantra.  I offer it to you.

In this inhalation...  I breathe in my intention to be present in this moment of NOW
In the exhalation... I release the demand and requirment that I/You or life be different than it is.
Breathing into the now...I accept "IT IS WHAT IT IS".
Exhaling the demands, wishes, or requirments...of my ego that life be otherwise.
I am in the process of changing and letting go of the false belief that
I am not G-d enough ...
I breathe into every cell of my body:   "I AM."

Now is the time to fall in love with yourself, and let go of your belief in your limitations.
Now is the time to allow for the full pulsation of life.
Now is the time to follow your passion.

"Your core, your deepest DNA, is divine;
It is the spirit of love implanted by your creator at the first
moment of your creation."
                            --Richard Rohr

Pathwork Guide Lecture No. 234

"As you train your positive will to no longer deny the courage to believe in the best of you,
and the best in life, so will you be carried by the larger force of that which is the ultimate you that
goes beyond the little intellect (the ego) with which you are so used to govern your precarious safety.
There is much greater safety that comes when you have the courage to believe in the best--not wishful thinking,
not in fear of bad, but in the strength that there is nothing in you that  you cannot see and face and go through,
that there is only light at the end of each tunnel.
  As you do this increasingly, you will  see that what seems like a negative manifestation
 is the blessing of the next level that swims to the surface."

I invite you into the miracle of falling in love with yourself and to know that
Grace is our daily bread,