April, 2016

Dear One,
I am sitting here allowing my thoughts to write themselves without judgment.
At this moment in my life, I am aware of and experiencing that the events of my life are not
 what I had expected, or longed for (on a conscious level) and that
Making this choice to choose my response is one of the main teachings of Spirit and purpose
of this incarnation.
 (The Guide, Emmanuel, The 12 Steps & ACIM)

"I am responsible for what I see.
I choose the feelings I experience,
and I decide upon the goal I would achieve.
And everything that seems to happen to me
I have asked for,
   and I receive as I have asked." -- A Course in Miracles
 --(it is my soul's choice =  Pathwork of Transformation )

Living in this consciousness is what this time of year..Easter... is about.
Are we willing to be born again into the consciousness that we are not victims, but rather the
creators of our lives?

My dear husband Adriano, my darling daughter Meri, and my future grand son  in-law  Gabe are all ill. 
What does this mean ....what is the teaching for me?
Can I refuse to listen to the voice of FEAR?
How do I live in gratitude and in reality when those around me are in pain?
What happens when I am lost in the false belief that my love could or should heal those I love?
How do I align myself with  the essence of love, not the language of love that I learned as a child?
Do I choose grievances or miracles....revenge or love?

I am living my soul's instructions.
I am being asked to bring love into my consciousness where love is not.
I am experiencing that love is indeed a choice. When you  "ARE"  love you do not have to
search for love outside of yourself.
When you choose love out of your intentional longing to stay connected with the heart of G-d
everything changes.
There are no new teachings....

Please join me in a moment of silence  as you breathe this teaching into every cell of your body.
"Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things".--Corinthians 13:7

"May I be less sensitive to my every emotional cut and bruise, and more sensitive to the pain of others.
 May the scope of my compassion extend beyond myself, and include a deeper consideration for hidden
 suffering in everyone.  The scars of the heart might be hidden from view,
but all of us carry them and all of us desire love."--Marianne Williamson

This is what I am learning:  there are no new teachings...there are no new GURUS.
This is what love is....it bears all things and is unconditioinal in its acceptance of self, of other
and of life.
This is what resurrection really means...to be birthed again into the light, into this
Are you willing to take yourself off the cross..and be rebirthed into love?
I offer you this prayer:

Dear G-d,
Help me to be open to the pain of others,
not just my own.
Help me to keep my heart open, not only to myself, but to
Help me to live the Bible's teaching:
"Blessed are those who have faith and cannot see."
I place in your hands my sorrow and my grief,
and the insanity of my ego.
I pray that love will prevail.
So be it.
A very happy  and healthy holiday celebrating our ressurrection.