July 2016

Dear One,

My dear Adriano died peacefully in his sleep on June 16th, 2016.
I have been held in the love and tenderness of so many human angels.
I was sent this message from The Guide.  This consciousness holds me... and I am so grateful.
June 8, 1974
This message from the Guide was given to family and friends at the Center in Phoenicia the day after the passing of Gary Danna.
Greetings and blessings my dearest friends here.  It is extremely difficult for the human state of consciousness to imagine that something that cannot be seen or heard continues to exist.  I know that many of you in your mind can accept this as a theory, as a belief.  But to experience the reality is only possible when your inner state of development has considerably progressed.  When purification work has progressed to a much stronger degree and when your consciousness is raised beyond the two-dimensional level.
Your beloved friend has withdrawn his life spark from the vehicle he created for himself.  This does not mean that he ceased to be as the best you have known of him.  These are not mere words, my friends.  The coming into where he really belongs is an extremely joyful occurrence.  Human life on the material plane is a mirror image.  It is the opposite reflection of inner reality, which is indeed the real reality, the eternal reality.  Therefore, often what you experience as joyful here may be sad in the real reality and vice versa.  For often the pleasures of the immediate little ego are not necessarily what the God-self knows as good and beautiful.
By the same token, when you look at birth and death, what I say here becomes very obvious.  You see the infant struggle into the little body.  He protests, he cries, he screams, he is not at all happy about this temporary confinement; and when most human beings leave their bodies you can see peace on their faces.  This is an indication, my friends, that when a life has been well lived, when the task for which one has come has been fulfilled, it is joyous and it is liberation, and that is indeed the case here.
You have your sorrow of missing someone you love and that sorrow and pain and sadness should not be avoided.  It should be felt for what it is.  Yet do not cling too long to it, in the misconception that this proves your love, for that is not what your friend should want.  Feel the sadness.  Let it carry you into your joy.  Do not confuse it with the guilt for having missed out, for not having been perfect in your love as yet.  You work toward perfect love but it will take a lot more than where you are right now to reach this state.  Therefore you must accept how you are and where you are and not dilute and spoil the love feelings you actually have with the guilt for not being more perfect.  Do not confuse healthy sorrow and grief with guilt—with feelings that you ought to feel more.
If you have cut off your feelings, that is something that you have to deal with on your Path, but deal with it without any self-blame and the more pure your love will shine, for the love is already in your heart whether you feel it or not.  And as you focus on your spark of love you will know that nothing that appears as a manifestation of the body could ever be gone from the face of the universe.  Nothing can really disappear.  A unit of consciousness or energy, whether it is a human personality or a plant, or a flower; whether it is an animal; whether it is an idea; whether it is a universe, whether it is a segment of what you call time, it flickers on into a manifestation and then it flickers off again.  When it flickers off  and withdraws from your field of perception, it appears in another field of perception that goes beyond your momentary comprehension.
So a life organism flickers on and off from one sphere to the other.  And when a life organism creates its material vehicle that provides the opportunity to temporarily house that spark of divine consciousness on the material plane, there is a great purpose attached to such an appearance, whether it is a blade of grass or a human personality.  In both instances the flickering off is not the end.  It only appears, what you might call, somewhere else.  Time, as it runs through your fingers, as it were: the same phenomenon applies here.  Time does not run out any more than the consciousness you have known.  It flickers on in a different realm of awareness.
If you can meditate about this phenomenon you will prepare your consciousness to comprehend on a deeper level what I say here to you, and the sadness will only be temporary.  He is not gone from you, only you cannot see him, and what is sadness here in your realm is rejoicing in another realm.  Light has flickered on again and through his lifespark he has left something of his divinity and has thus fulfilled his task.
There is a great and wonderful blessing, my friends, over all of you.  It goes into your hearts and into your deeper minds to console you to help you turn your clean sorrow into clean joy.  For only as joyous human beings can you bring more joy into the world, can you fulfill you’re your task in helping others to an even greater degree.  And do not feel guilty to feel the joy in you, but do not deny the sadness either.  For sadness and joy are both two sides of the same coin.  If you can accept and feel the one, you can accept and feel the other.
Dearest ones, receive the blessings and feel the presence of all those who love you and help you even if you cannot see them.
Be blessed.

I offer this prayer.

Dear G‑d,

I offer you my tears and my pain and

may all of us who have lost a loved one

be comforted.

May our eyes be opened to the non-reality of death.

Please open our eyes that we may see the light

behind the veil of illusion.


In grace and gratitude,