October 2016

Dear One,

Some of my students and loved ones are being challenged with life threatening illnesses.
Cancer is no longer a word... it has become, for some, a sentence.

Adriano has been dead almost three months. His cause of death was cancer.
I am still integrating my loss.
Sometimes I am content and at peace, at other times I feel sad, and even angry.
Our time together was much too short.
The different feelings I have had, and accepting them without judgment, has been a very powerful and conscious choice.

What exactly does life threatening mean?
Has the fear of loss forced us to avoid a fully passionate loving experience of life?
I believe that the fear of loss has taught us to contract and to avoid life. Because of this fear we do not enter fully into life.
It is this fear of loss that keeps our hearts contracted and closed.
Taking the hand of fear, believing in the teachings of the ego is what is LIFE THREATENING.

They cannot cripple Love
They cannot corrode Faith
They cannot silence Courage
They cannot conquer the Spirit
They cannot deter the Soul
They cannot steal Eternal Life

I ask you to see and accept that fear's/ego's intention is to keep you separate.
How does your fear keep you from being fully present, from being fully
engaged in the moment with another?
Please meditate on this:
Where am I afraid to love and with whom?
...and then journal and do a Daily Review.

Take this time to embrace your fear and see the results of these beliefs.
Please read:

"To cheat oneself out of love is the most terrible deception. It is an eternal loss for which there is no reparation either in time or in eternity."
~~ Kierkegaard

This is what I have experienced in the past year. To choose love each moment is my spiritual practice so that I may bring light into the darkness,and to bring remembering into the forgetting.

This is why I have chosen this life:
To say no to the whispers of the ego and to remind you of who you are.
I am grateful you are in my life. Love has to be mutually reciprocal.
My wish for you this Fall is to have a bountiful harvest when you choose to love yourself.
Grace is my daily bread.

"Dear G-d,
May my experience of you as Love overshadow my fear and ego.
May I see with new eyes, and hear with new ears.
May I experience every moment without judgment.
May love embrace the doubt and lack of faith.
Help me to rise above the darkness that exists in this world.
May each breath bathe me in the light.
Help me to choose truth and love.
Help me to stand in my open heart."

Please Listen To The Song: