November 2016

Dear One,

The last few months everything has changed dramatically and I have had the opportunity to stop, breathe and to be a witness to where I am, and whom I am.
My life as I knew it is no longer. My Beloved is gone, my house is empty, and yet each morning when I wake, I am grateful. When I sit alone on my deck looking out at the mountains I am grateful. When I speak with my children I am grateful. As I prepare my teaching for Serbia, I am grateful.
I am writing this Love Letter before I leave for Serbia, and I will have sent it to you from there.
I want to share my gratitude and thanksgiving with you. I pray that you will take the time to be, to marinate in your gratitude.

It is from this gratitude that our love flows.
Dear G-d,
I am infinitely grateful for each breath I take.
I am grateful that I am here, still in my body, experiencing the opportunity to grow and to serve you.
Dear G-d
I am grateful for my beating heart, and that I choose to share my heart with all humanity.
I am grateful for those who share this adventure with me, and for those who now live in the worlds beyond my knowing.
YES! I am grateful, I am grateful for my life.
Thank you dear G-d.

Please Listen To 'Thankful' by Josh Groban: