December 2016

Dear One,

This year is coming to a close, and as this year passes I am fortunate enough to open my mind to a deeper experience of the light illuminating the darkness.

I realize that "Now" is the only moment there is. I would like to invite you into this moment.

Pat Rodegast's last channeling was not Emmanuel, but Jesus. I would like to share this teaching with you:

"I am seen by most everyone as a symbol for suffering, for pain, for rejection, for misuse and misunderstanding, for sacrifice. Though this would not be an error, there is perhaps a different viewpoint that would more readily service the human world at this time.

The avenue, the path to resurrection need not be forged by pain and suffering but that the pain and suffering was indicative of the human condition, but not necessarily a model for it. Those that are in pain are nearer to the truth, not because pain is the doorway to truth, but because pain is the alarm system that wakens the consciousness. Once the consciousness is awakened, DARE to have no pain. Do not be afraid to relinquish your own fear that if you are not afraid something will come that will surprise you and harm you.

Do not utilize any longer past experiences of what seemed to be calamity in order to intensify the false belief that if one is not watchful.....harm will come.

This is what you were taught very early, and very deeply. This belief no longer needs to be a burden you must carry. The road to resurrection does not always have to be tread with such terror, such caution and such a negative assurance that unless one walks in the exact same footsteps of my own, that they must therefore be rejected in "Heaven." The Stations of the Cross must not be allowed to be misinterpreted as the only way by which a human life can be lived.

To open at any moment to the glory that is there does not render you careless, thoughtless or unworthy, but rather makes you a greater light to shine forth so that others who believe they must not see will open their eyes and perceive.

There are many who believe that they must not see, for there is inherent in a great part of the human world, a false belief that says:
"I must not know what I know, I must not be who I am, I must not feel what I feel, I must not share my greatness, lest somehow I be misunderstood, lest somehow I be found out, lest somehow I be persecuted, crucified and killed".

Though there are many who say that they have rejected that consciousness, be very clear with those who claim they no longer believe in suffering, that as long as they are suffering they have not accomplished what they hope that they had. For one's life, one's body is a witness to this belief system.

Please hear this: You are not placing yourself in a position to judge, you are placing yourself in a position to witness what has been transpiring.

One doesn't say: "Well you have done this to yourself", but rather say: "Look at the gift you have given yourself that has brought you to who you are."

At this moment something, won
drous has been offered to you, a place of discomfort, wherein you have stored all of your fearful beliefs, and it is saying to you:

"Look here now, now is the time, now is the opportunity to move to this place, this treasure, this storehouse of information and allow it to come. It is no longer necessary to believe that you must suffer to reach the Kingdom of Heaven."

This has been a truly blessed transmission for me and it is my Christmas gift to you. Remember you are the light of the world, and so is each person with whom you meet.

With love and a heart that keeps opening to this truth, I wish you a joyous Christmas and a happy New Year.