September 2017

Dear One,
I think this is one of the most challenging Love Letters I have ever attempted to write.

I was brought up with the following injunctions:
"If you cannot say something nice... do not say anything."
"Silence speaks volumes."
"Speech is silver, silence is golden."
"What is on your tongue and spoken can never be taken back".

For most of my life I have kept my opinions and judgments to myself, until finally I learned that I was denying the truth of who I was, AND denying the very truth of my knowing.
I was "judging" my discernment.
I had been unconsciously, energetically demanding that I needed to be agreed with when I spoke.
This was a mirror for me to see that I was not accepting of myself.
I would feel like the person in the fairy tale seeing that The Emperor Had NO Clothes but...
I was the only one who saw this, and yet I did not allow feedback.

I have learned to risk sharing what I saw beyond the fear of my image, and my wounding.
I began to speak out... moving with "the integrity of love."
I had to practice and experience that offering of what I knew also needed to be offered with love.

I learned from Emmanuel that offering something in love... means that it is indeed an offer, an offer with no expectation, requirement or demand that it be received.
This practice was for me truly my "Spiritual Olympics".... looking at that place in me... moment by moment, breath by breath... that demanded "Obedience" ~~ Pathwork Lecture # 202: Psychic Interaction of Negativity.

I had learned that I was "SAFE" if I was quiet. When I did speak my truth I would offer it with a "sledge hammer".
I was out of balance.
I have grown into my love and into my own self acceptance (me accepting my truth).
I have grown out of my fear and my "back story" (whatever "story" my past lives held for me).
I have learned to be in the moment... (except when I am not) to feel my emotional reaction... and to access the thought that created the feelings in my body.
I learned to breathe and to accept whatever was present in the moment and learned that to bring the light one must enter into the darkness.
The voice that called us into the body, this life, this incarnation was not fear -- it was love.
I learned to ask: "Is this true?" "Where is the love here?" "What thought makes me stop loving myself? Or You...?"

Consider sitting and meditating on these questions.

The simple truth of what I have learned in my lifetime is "I must give myself what I have demanded others to give to me."
Every conflict, every issue boils down to this: "Have I loved myself in this moment?"
Am I willing to know that no outer experience can verify my existence?
Loving oneself is the key to the door to freedom.
Accepting oneself is the first step.
Exiting from the prison of forgetting, I am an angel who is living a very human existence.
Bringing my love, my light to this illusion. My dream is To Be ME... all of me in this moment without shame or guilt."

I often sit in the silence praying that I can see the world of illusion of unreality with the eyes of love.
What I do see is that we are facing the darkness, we are facing the fear by being willing to see that the world we have co-created is an outpicturing of our inner negative unconscious.
The eclipse that we just experienced is a metaphor for the work we are doing...
facing the darkness within ourselves.
Everyone rushed to see the darkness of the eclipse. And there was the faith that the light would return.
There are no new messages, no new answers.
Remember who you are. OPEN YOUR HEARTS...
and one by one we can and will save the planet.

Please join me in this prayer.

Dear G-d,
Help me to accept what I have judged in myself, and in others.
Help me to see beyond my addiction to fear.
(First step of the 12 Step Program)
"My life has become unmanageable because of my addiction to fear." (Fear is the final addiction on this planet)
Help me to know that the world will be healed one loving thought at a time.
Help me to have the faith, as in the eclipse, that after the darkness there will be light.
Help me to remember that my truth is my light and I must express my truth.
So be It.
Barbara Azzara (AKA Glabman-Cohen)

Please listen to the song:
"If We're Honest" by Francesca Battistelli