February 2018

Dear One,
 I am amazed at how many times I am offered an opportunity to practice being in the moment.  In that moment, I can choose love or listen to my ego's demands to satisfy fear.
I have been practicing embracing my dragon.  This is how I do it.
In this very moment I am choosing love, by not reacting to an old message.
I had completed my Love Letter and I, without consciousness deleted it.  Previously I would have called myself stupid (or worse) and  would have been be very petulant.
This time I just stopped, breathed and started  writing again being a witness to what was happening.

This has become my new habit. When I become agitated, overwhelmed (and I do) I stop, take a big breath and do nothing.  When my body becomes calm, I always ask myself
what is true and what is real?  Sometimes I ask: "where is the love?"   I hear:  "do not listen to the voice of fear... stop and listen to mine".
How exquisite this moment becomes.
I do nothing...and then I take a big breath.  Focusing on the breath ---my thoughts disappear...my mind becomes quiet and at peace. This place is an  oasis, a lake, an ocean of love.  I hear my heart beat and I am still.
 I ask you to join me in the silence. Take a very big breath, hold it and then relax and let it go.  In this moment, I am with myself, with you, and with Gd.  In this moment, I remember that Gd created us with his Breath and in His image.  (I read this in the Bible and I know I am also His daughter.)  Let us be here together in the breath ...remembering.

            "Unable to perceive the shape of you,
             I find you all around me.
             Your presence fills my eyes with your love,
              It humbles my heart....
                         For you are everywhere."

When I breath in with consciousness...this is what I inspire:  Gd is everywhere.

  This then has been my experience. As I have gone through my losses (and what I experienced sometimes as betrayal) this last year I turned it all over to Gd.
I, Barbara finally understand the difference between submission and surrender.  Whenever I would go into an emotional reaction, I called on Gd.  Every thing has changed because I have changed the way I think.  I have changed my experiences, and they are rich and filling.

  Gd is with me, and if you are willing-- He is with you.  Love is all around me.  All the teachings are true, but knowing them intellectually is not enough.  You must live them, you must be them.  This sense, this presence is not outside of you, it is who you are-- it is your essence.  I pray that you choose to remember this...
  Please join me in this prayer.
  Dear Gd,
     Help me to accept that Gd's gift to me is my humble and calm heart.
     Help me to accept that only in this calmness lies my wisdom.
     It is in this wisdom that I find my strength.
     Dear Lord, may my strength and love be a mirror for others.

As I started writing this Letter, I chose a Pathwork Quote card:  Lecture 193
"Blessings and love, strength and joy are always and ever present within and around you, permeating you to the degree you allow it."

My life has has become incredible.  I spend much of my time with students and  friends thanking Gd with great gratitude for this next evolving chapter in my life.
Are you willing to choose love?
Are you willing to live your life in Love?
Happy Valentine's Day,
Barbara Azzara

Please Listen To The Song:
Bethani - In The Silence