March 2018

Dear One,
I have lived in this home that Adriano created for us for almost fourteen years.
I have loved it's warmth, the heart connections I have made here, and the energy it has held.
When I woke up this morning, I was shocked... it was snowing.
I realized that my time here in Northern California is coming to and end.
I have put my home up for sale... and my intention is to move to Florida.
I am ready!
The time I have spent here, working and teaching has helped in my own transformation / evolution / awakening.  What shall we call it?
I have changed and transcended my narrow and negative intentions.
I am so grateful.
I have begun to pack.  My students are my teachers.
As I reread the homework assignments and my own class notes...
I came clearly to the knowing there is nothing new to be said.
My question is:  "Are you Listening beyond words? Have you heard? Are you willing to enter into the silence so that you can hear the voice of Spirit?"
Deep within me, I know that silence is the language of love.
When I remember, I know that the silence is not the absence of sound but rather the absence of Self.
I would like to share this poem that one of my students wrote:

 * * *
"I spoke, I spoke, I spoke... So many words, but no one listened.
They reverberate in my ears from so much repetition
even the reverberation needed respite.
Deaf ears heard nothing
Denial could not comprehend a sound
Delusion uttered a pleasant glee
Deceit found its next victim.
Exhausted and frustrated with overuse
The words disappeared into the silence of the soul
There are words of truth and words of deception
Words of ego and words of love
And words of ego delivered as love.
Does your heart tell you which are true?
Are you listening?
Words are the poor man's tool!
Lost without them
Unable to communicate otherwise
Spirit is sleeping the unconscious sleep of illusionary bliss.
For when Spirit speaks, the heart knows.
Words are unnecessary
Truth is self evident.
Are you listening?
What do you hear?
The sounds of inner knowing
The still small voice
It does not utter a... word.
The silence is speaking
a soft whisper
A breath of wind carrying the truth.
Are you listening?"
Leda Anagnostopoulos  
* * *
I have spent my life living, studying, teaching, and hopefully demonstrating what love is.
My intent today is to support myself as compassionately and lovingly as I possibly can in every moment. 
I would like to share my intent with you, and perhaps you would like to sign this contract as a reminder.

"I want to embrace what I am feeling, not what I am reacting to, or believe and/or assume is your intention.
I want to know what I do not want so that I can create from what I do want from my longing.
I want to be in the moment so that I can choose my response from love, instead of my defensive reaction to fear.
I want as my intent to give myself space and not to react from the demands of my ego and history.
My intention is to bring my self love into this moment.... to accept with consciousness what I am feeling without shame, or guilt or blame, and to accept and choose to live from my opened heart.
With faith in G-d's love I know I can create unlimited joy."
signed..................................................... witnessed........... date.
Dear Hearts,
I ask you to join me 
heart to heart in this moment 
to remember.
"You are already who you are trying so hard to be."
Are you listening?

~ Barbara