August 2018

Dear One,

The following quote has become my experience of "This Life":
"There is no world outside of us.
The world is, in fact,our collective perceptions of
love and fear, hopes and conflicts."
~Marianne Williamson~
It is always about choosing to remember, it is about remembering that what you think creates your experience.

There is a generalized theme, call it an archetype, about the meaning of pain.
What I have realized is that for me 'this incarnation' is about how we approach this pain:
Do we use it as a life lesson?
Do we see what thoughts we are attached to?
Is this fear that is frozen into the cells of our body what becomes a "Disease?"
Do we allow ourselves to enter into the fear, to hold it gently and embrace it with love?
Do we allow our fear to become our teacher?
What do you believe about who you are?
What are you grateful for? Gratitude is the "attitude" that changes our experiences into joy.
These are questions that I ask you to meditate on this month. Write the answers in your journal.

I am grateful for my loving of the written word, of poetry, and now that I have begun to sit in the silence... the words of my studies are clearly coming back and have such profound meaning.

"Your beliefs have become your thoughts. (whose thoughts have filled you?)
Your thoughts have become your words. (whose words are you speaking?)
Your words become your actions. (by what actions are you known?)
Your action becomes your destiny." (is it true what you believe about yourself?)
~Mahatma Gandhi~

What do you believe about yourself?
Are you willing to see things differently?
Do you accept that you are created in Gd's image?
(Gd does not make garbage. ~B.A.)
What do you know about life? Be specific.
What do you know about death? It is time we enter into this conversation.

This is the curriculum (Master's Class In Love ) for students who want to live life, not avoid it.
In my life, what I have awoken to in this moment is this:
"We always have a choice about where to focus... whether to blame someone or to bless someone. I can concentrate my attention on what you did wrong, or I can seek to remember a moment when you tried to do right." ~M.W.~

This is what allows for the healing: It is when we move from being the victim, from placing the guilt and the blame on another, and then consciously choose to be willing to see that we are all one. We are all the face of Gd on the same "road trip" with different road maps. (The destination is the heal oneself of thoughts that cause us pain.)

Please dear Gd,
Help me to melt the frozen fear in my body
and to become a flowing conduit for your love.

I consciously choose to remember:
Yesterday is gone,
Today is almost over and
Tomorrow is not promised.

With love, and blessings,
Barbara Azzara (aka Glabman-Cohen)