September 2018

Dear One,

I cannot believe that the Summer is almost over, and that we are heading into the Fall.

I love September, and I guess it is my "school teacher's mentality"... that it feels as if in the Fall everything is new, it is a time to start over, a time for new beginnings.

Yet when I started to write this letter, I stopped to realize that nothing is new. I have said the same things over and over again.
This morning I received my message for the Day from Jeshua. I have been writing, teaching and practicing this with consciousness what appears like forever.

I will write it again to you.

"As you will remember to breathe, you will find yourself expanding, for indeed, what happens to the body when you breathe? It expands. The lungs, the entire chest cavity expands, and the energy, and the aura -- the energy around you expands as well -- and you give yourself in that moment opportunity to expand the vision, in other words, to have a new way of looking at what has appeared constricted."

I am grateful that each breath offers me a new point of review... and that each breath allows me to think and observe my daily reality with a open mind and an open heart. I know that this is the foundation of what I offer to each of you. I also know that each of you will receive this when you are ready.

In preparing for writing this Love Letter, I remember my father's words..."nothing is new under the sun." I remember reacting to this... feeling that this could not be true. (He was not talking about technology) Now I know what he meant. When we remember that we are created from Gd's breath, we know everything. It is in our core... it is our essential being.

It was no accident that I found an interview that was in a local newspaper about me. It was written in 2006 by a writer (S.D.) who is now a very dear friend of mine.

"What Words of advice can you offer someone who is considering making changes in their life?
My answer all those years ago was this: Find something you love to do and do it with all of your heart. When you have found your passion you have found your purpose and your way. My passion is ME! And my new life (newly married and a recent transplant to California from New York) I am focusing on my new life and discovering who I am, not who I pretended to be moment to moment. One must learn we are not our histories, and we are not who our parents told us we needed to be (in order to get their love). FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF because if you do not, no one else will. Become your own best friend and lover. Fear is the bottom line addiction on this planet. Get to know it, and make it your teacher. Know what thoughts have the power to demoralize you, and be committed to giving up your attachment to these self-denying thoughts. Without your compassion and self-acceptance nothing can change."

And indeed, nothing is new. Knowing we have a choice... Love or Fear, and taking responsibility for making that choice with each breath, moment to moment allows us to experience that only Love is real.

My prayer with each in breath is to ask Gd to deliver me to my essential self.

This morning, I received an email that said:
    I miss you Barbara,
    Love Gd.
And know all I want you to remember is who you are. We can say it over and over... but until we hear it, until we are willing to integrate and choose to make it our own... I challenge you to finish this sentence.

This week a student told me that although she had heard my same some stories over and over again, it was not until our last session that she understood... each time she heard the story it entered her "knowing" in a different way.

This is what our journey is all about... allowing the information, the concepts and the teachings to enter us and to become who we are with each breath.

In September the holiest of Jewish holidays occur: Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. It is a time of inner introspection, a time to ask to be forgiven, and a time to forgive.

I would like to end this Love Letter with a prayer:
It is with my deepest faith and love that I offer you this, and it has come to me from the experience of my life.

Dear Gd,
I have turned to you often, especially in the last two years,
and you have come closer to me in these painful times when my
faith has withered... and my fear demands attention.
I have prayed to you when I have been in need,
and have asked for your sustenance and prayed for your compassion.
I am grateful to you with every breath I take...
May each day bring me closer to you.
Barbara Azzara (aka Glabman-Cohen)

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